Season is Over for HS Hockey Players Who Allegedly Choked Teammate in Hallway – Armstrong High School

The old “accidentally choked a teammate while just horsing around” gag. That never gets old. Well, actually it does when teenagers are dying playing a game where you cut off oxygen to a friend until they pass out giving them a temporary high. Only sometimes people do more than pass out. According to a report from the CDC, more than 80 teens died from playing the Choking Game (aka The…

October 20, 2011

State Championship Hockey Game Marred by Brawl, Broken Jaw – Video

Video of Texas high school hockey brawl
March 31, 2011

Where does the “sport” part of fighting in hockey end, and thuggish brawling (and arrests for assault) begin? The NHL has been dealing with a barrage of cheap shots and unnecessary fighting lately, and now it looks like that attitude has migrated down to even high school teams. The most recent example at the Texas State Championship game which ended with a nasty brawl and one player getting a broken…