High School Kicker Bounces Extra Point Try Off Referee’s Head, Ball Still Goes Between Uprights

October 16, 2015

They take their high school football seriously in Texas, including extra point kicks, apparently. So if that means you have to line drive the ball off a referee’s head to make it go it, that’s what needs to be done. Here’s more from the YouTube description: Have you ever seen something like this? Midland Lee kicker Luis Aranda lined up for an extra point in the second quarter on Friday….


Video: High School Football Player Smears IcyHot in Opponent’s Eyes

September 23, 2015

By now, many of you have see the image of the California high school football player having Icy Hot washed off his face during a game after an opposing player smeared it there. Now, watch the video of it happening.  What is wrong with high school football players this year? More on the story from the Washington Post: That antagonist is alleged to be Rahyme Johnson, a linebacker for Salesian…


Video: Referee Tackled, Texas High School Football Players Intentionally Hit Referee From Behind

September 10, 2015

Have you seen this video? Two Texas high school football players were caught on video intentionally taking out a referee near the end of a game last weekend. At first, fans of the team were trying to say it was an accident (before the video came out) and once it was clear that they did it intentionally, generic the players reportedly claim the ref had used a racial slur before…


Video: Missed 44 Yard Field Goal Results in 109.9 Yard TD Return in High School Game

November 9, 2012

Seems like everyone on the field goal team forget about the rules and just stood there. Here’s more from the YouTube description: Week 9 // Friday, November 2, help 2012 Rattlers Stadium, Sharyland, Texas Edinburg North Cougars @ Sharyland Rattlers Edinburg North’s 44 yard field goal attempt fell short, falling into the awaiting hands of Sean Landez, who caught the ball at the edge of the end line 9.9 yards…


Good Jock: Michigan Girl Named Homecoming Queen, Kicks Game Winning Field Goal

October 4, 2011

Every once and a while we like to post a “Good Jock” story, see to remind everyone that there are good stories in sports out there.  Take this one about Brianna Amat, the first female to play on Pinckney High School’s (Michigan) varsity football team. She also stars on the school’s girls soccer team and decided one day she wanted to see what it was like to kick a football….


Painful Sports Video: Another High School Foot-brawl

October 3, 2011

Another Friday night, another high school football game. And another brawl. This one starts while the quarterback of the red team is still being held up in the air and the ref’s whistles are blowing. The game was played (until it was called early) in Sacramento, California last Friday night between McClatchy High School and Kennedy High School.


Two Teens Arrested for Attempting to Get Into “Full” HS #Football Game

You remember the excitement of being a teenager attending your first high school football game with your friends, right? Now, imagine showing up to the game and being told it’s sold out and they’re not letting anyone else in . . . and all your friends are inside. That’s what happened at the Northwestern vs. South Pointe High School (SC) football game last weekend and two teen-aged girls decided to…

August 30, 2011