Female Teacher/Coach, 25, Arrested On Sex Charges – Kourtnie A. Sanchez

Once again we have a hot young lady teacher/coach accused of having sex with multiple underage males. (Apparently it’s not enough to have sex with just one teen-aged boy anymore!) But what REALLY makes this story different is that the accused, Kourtnie A. Sanchez, 25 of Eureka, CA is that she was only a student teacher at  Marshall Elementary School and as such was not “certified” and should not have been…

April 2, 2015

Coach/Gym Teacher Accused of Having Sex w. Underage Girl “Hundreds of Times” Back in the 90’s

High School Coach Sex Scandal Logo
November 8, 2012

Oxbow Union High School’s (VT) three-sport coach/phys ed teacher Brian Musty has been coaching since 1989 and allegedly he got a little closer to one of his students than the law allows back in the late 1990’s.  According to police, a woman who was a high school student at that time told her therapist recently that she had sex with Musty “hundreds of times” starting when she was only 15…


Color Guard Coach Accused of Naughty Facebook Conversation With Boy – Jenny Hart

Color Guard Coach Jenny Hart
February 27, 2012

You remember the color guard at your high school right? Young ladies (and sometimes young men) who performed with the marching band, check usually carrying large flags at some point? Well, we’ve had some bad marching band directors before on this page, but we can’t recall a naughty color guard coach. Until now. Now we have color guard coach Jenny Hart, who was accused of having a less-than-appropriate conversation on…


Cops Say WI High School Girls B-Ball Coach Bribed Girl, 15, For Sex Using . . . #AaronRogers Jersey?

Usually the predatory men in these situations buy their young conquests smart phones, clothes, jewelry or fancy underwear . . . but not in Wisconsin. No, in the badger state, the apparent currency for sex is a replica of the football jersey worn by Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers. This story is also strange in that the accused claims to accidentally dropped his cell phone into a boiler after…

September 16, 2011