Sports Video: Greatest HS Baseball Slide Home Ever?

High school baseball player leaps over catcher - video still
April 20, 2011

Some of the best sports videos come from high school games where anything goes. Take for example this Mississippi high school baseball game between South Panola and Tupelo. In the bottom of the sixth Tupelo’s J.D. Roberts hit one to left field and Caleb Walker (seen in the video) comes in from second base, rounds third and was told to keep going. He did. But, of course, the catcher for…


High School Baseball Players Charged Over Chicken Sacrifice, Being a Stereotype

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April 5, 2011

Just what baseball needs: more players who think that superstition plays a greater part in the game than actual skill. Why don’t we just hold pagan services at the ballpark and get it over with already? Oh well, here’s the basics of the story: Two players on the Western Hills High School baseball team (Texas) decided they needed to “boost” their on-field performance so they did what any hard working…