Broom Handle Hazing Alleged on HS Baseball Team – Ardmore, OK

February 23, 2015

Details are still sketchy, generic viagra stuff but it sounds like another classic case of foreign objects being shoved where they don’t belong in the locker room under the name of “team bonding.” Police is Ardmore, sildenafil Oklahoma are investigating accusations that members of the Ardmore High School baseball team allegedly sexually assaulted a teammate with a broom handle last week. Here’s more from News 9: While the buses drove…


Video: Amazing High School Baseball Trick Pick-Off

From the YouTube description: With two outs and the bases loaded, buy cialis seek the pitcher fakes a pick-off throw to second. Once the third-base runner is fooled into taking off for home, sildenafil the pitcher nails him at the plate. Courtesy: Delano High School Baseball

May 24, 2012

Urine Big Trouble Young Man: High School Baseball Player Suspended for Dugout Prank

Trying to gain an advantage on your opponent during a game? The list of pranks and tricks are endless, viagra usa treat but the one played by Dwyer High School (FLA) last week before a playoff game against intra-city rival Palm Beach Gardens High really stinks. And that’s not just figuratively. It stinks, buy cialis cure like the smell of a truck stop restroom that hasn’t been cleaned in months….

April 23, 2012

Video: Yuba City High School Suspends JV Baseball Players After Brawl

For some reason, buy viagra cialis sale fighting in baseball games seems to becoming more common this spring, viagra sales buy viagra with the latest clash between Yuba City High School’s junior varsity team and Del Campo High. According to ate least one report, the brawl started after the first base coach for Del Campo called YCHS pitcher’s mother an insulting name.  The pitcher retaliated with by throwing a fastball…

April 5, 2012

New Hazing Technique: “Let’s Punch Timmy in the Chest So Hard He Has Convulsions!”

We’ve read about and seen many nasty hazing rituals in the past, viagra buy buy viagra but this one really ranks up there on the Stupid Meter. A lawsuit against Picayune Memorial High School (MS) claims that before a home game against Lumberton High last April, seek a freshman player was singled out for initiation into the nationally ranked baseball team. According to the suit, cure filed by the victim’s…

January 9, 2012

Assist. HS Baseball Coach Accused of Giving Pot to Grieving Players

HS Baseball Coach accused of giving players marijuana
May 3, 2011

Athletes usually bond with their coaches.  Even the bad ones. They can, generic viagra pills however, discount cialis ed become very close with the good ones. St. Helens High School (WA) head baseball coach Tim Lokken was apparently one of the good ones and it appears that his recent passing from an illness hit his team–still in the middle of their season–pretty hard. So, what can an assistant coach do…


Anus Touching Hazing Leads to Arrest

Junior varsity players get no respect & they probably hate the bus ride on away games because that seems to be when all the newsworthy debauchery happens.  Take for instance this story of a hazing incident which lead to the arrest of 6 people, generic cialis troche including 2 adults.  JV players had their faces shoved into other people’s butts but it does not stop there.  The allegations reveal that…

April 29, 2011

“Father of the Year” Finalist Punches Baseball Coach When Son Cut From Playoff Roster

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April 27, 2011

Here’s something we didn’t know: in Florida high school baseball, viagra buy physician the coach has to trim the team’s roster to only 20 players during the playoffs. Meaning, of course, that some kids who have played hard for the team all season won’t be on the bus for a possible championship run. But rules are rules and the coaches try to follow them. Coaches like Miami Springs Senior High…


HS Baseball Coach & Assistants Fired, 18 Players Suspended After Beer Incident at Hotel

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April 20, 2011

It probably comes as no surprise to most of you that it’s probably NOT a good idea to give teenagers booze. Especially when you’re their coach and you’re at a hotel for an away baseball tournament in Arizona. Then again, generic viagra illness it apparently DID seem like a good idea to at least one of the coaches at Burroughs High School (CA) and now the entire team (including three…


Sports Video: Greatest HS Baseball Slide Home Ever?

High school baseball player leaps over catcher - video still
April 20, 2011

Some of the best sports videos come from high school games where anything goes. Take for example this Mississippi high school baseball game between South Panola and Tupelo. In the bottom of the sixth Tupelo’s J.D. Roberts hit one to left field and Caleb Walker (seen in the video) comes in from second base, cialis usa click rounds third and was told to keep going. He did. But, cialis buy…