Canuck Hockey Hazing: Players Forced to Drag Plastic Crates Across Rooms by String Attached to Scrotum

Who thinks of these things? Really? The best way you can think to tell new players “Welcome to the team!” is to allegedly force them to, tadalafil sale first: do a striptease dance judged by older players, generic viagra seek and then, purchase second: walk naked around the locker room with plastic water-bottle crates tied by string to their genitals and dragging on the floor. To make the task even…

October 31, 2011

HS #Football Players Face Criminal Charges for Finger in Anus, Punch to Groin “Initiation”

The high school sports hazing season is winding down, best cialis buy but not before two more high school football players decide to “initiate” new members to the team on a bus ride home from a game. (According to our research, online school buses have now surpassed locker rooms as the favorite hazing spot for high school jocks.) And now, viagra they are not only off the team, but face…

October 26, 2011

Anus Touching Hazing Leads to Arrest

Junior varsity players get no respect & they probably hate the bus ride on away games because that seems to be when all the newsworthy debauchery happens.  Take for instance this story of a hazing incident which lead to the arrest of 6 people, generic cialis troche including 2 adults.  JV players had their faces shoved into other people’s butts but it does not stop there.  The allegations reveal that…

April 29, 2011