UPDATED: Nine Ogden Utah High School Cheerleaders Suspended After Hazing Incident

Ogden High School Mascot
May 15, 2012

UPDATE: Suspended Ogden Cheerleader Talks to Local TV Station – And basically talks out of both sides of her mouth. On one hand, she says the whole “getting blindfolded and pelted with condiments in the park thing” is way overblown. The victims knew–or should have known–what they were getting into. On the other hand, according to suspended senior cheerleader Hailey Lawrence, she actually thought the whole hazing thing was a…


Another HS Incident: Mom Says It’s Not Hazing ‘Cause No One Got Hurt – Bridgewater-Raynham

Note to Parents: You don’t get to decide what’s considered hazing at your kid’s school and what’s not. Same goes for coaches and the athletes themselves. Just because YOU don’t think it’s hazing, doesn’t absolve you of wrongdoing. In this case, the mother of a wrestler at Bridgewater-Raynham High in Massachusetts, Pamela Pace, who told The Brockton Enterprise that her son, Stephen Pace should not have been suspended for the incident…

January 16, 2012

Clover High School on Broom Handle Incident: No Hazing Here, Nothing to See, Move Along

How many times have we seen this? An incident occurs in the locker room, all initial indications are that it’s some kind of sports hazing (in this case, threatening to sodomize someone with a broom handle) the school responds strongly (at first) and then they investigate and it turns out to be . . . nothing. Okay, not “nothing,” but according to the local prosecutor boys “acting like 17-year-old boys.”…

November 8, 2011

Canuck Hockey Hazing: Players Forced to Drag Plastic Crates Across Rooms by String Attached to Scrotum

Who thinks of these things? Really? The best way you can think to tell new players “Welcome to the team!” is to allegedly force them to, first: do a striptease dance judged by older players, and then, second: walk naked around the locker room with plastic water-bottle crates tied by string to their genitals and dragging on the floor. To make the task even more difficult, according to reports by…

October 31, 2011

HS #Football Players Face Criminal Charges for Finger in Anus, Punch to Groin “Initiation”

The high school sports hazing season is winding down, but not before two more high school football players decide to “initiate” new members to the team on a bus ride home from a game. (According to our research, school buses have now surpassed locker rooms as the favorite hazing spot for high school jocks.) And now, they are not only off the team, but face criminal charges. This latest incident…

October 26, 2011

Anus Touching Hazing Leads to Arrest

Junior varsity players get no respect & they probably hate the bus ride on away games because that seems to be when all the newsworthy debauchery happens.  Take for instance this story of a hazing incident which lead to the arrest of 6 people, including 2 adults.  JV players had their faces shoved into other people’s butts but it does not stop there.  The allegations reveal that these buttocks must…

April 29, 2011