Mom of Clover HS Football PLayer Says Son Was Hazed With Broom Handle

If there’s anything worse than getting hazed in high school it is getting hazed in high school, word getting out about what happened, cops being called, having to tell them what happened, and then having your mom tell the whole world someone tried to shove a broom handle into into your rectum. That’s the allegation at Clover High School (SC) and an ongoing investigation makes it sound like there has…

October 10, 2011

#Ohio University Soccer Club Suspended Over #Hazing Allegations

No, it’s not Ohio State, and it’s not even a an NCAA sanctioned team (actually it’s a club team) but the school is still taking decisive action by suspending them. It’s being called “alleged hazing activity” right now, but what we often see in these situations is that the school will go to ANY length not to use the H word in their final report. Oh, yeah, someone will be…

September 29, 2011

“Broomstick #Hazing” Case Costs School District $5 Million

The wise guys in our audience always ask when we report on high school hazings: “What’s the big deal? A couple of kids get embarrassed? So what?” Well, here’s the big deal: school districts who it can be proven knew of a history of hazing athletes–and didn’t take any steps to prevent it–are going to be sued. And they’re going to lose. The latest example comes from Robertson High School…

September 6, 2011

HS #Wrestler’s Mom Seeks $650K From School Following “Swirlie With Chunks”

Ah, the Swirlie: the classic high school prank of jamming someone’s head into a flushing toilet. Bad enough in an “un-used” commode, but very disgusting when there’s some urine in it. But to get one with feces already in the bowl? The mother of one former Columbus High School (Nebraska) wrestler thinks that little trick by some of his teammates at a camp should be worth about $650,000. Sounds about…

August 24, 2011

Private Academy Accuses Players of #Hazing During “Spiritual Emphasis Retreat”

Well, that’s a new one. Usually football players are hazed at summer camps or in the locker room after practice. But the players at  Davidson Academy in Tennessee have set a new standard by allegedly hazing younger players during something the school described as a “spiritual emphasis retreat”.  No details on exactly what happened, but we’re sure the victims don’t feel like “turning the other cheek” these days. And with…

August 23, 2011

Mystery #Hazing Revealed: Cookie Eating = Curtain Rod Beating?

Last summer, a story broke about a mystery hazing incident that lead 1 father to compare it to toddlers eating cookies @ IHOP (click here to read the original story in case you need a refresher.) Well the last perpetrator of the 8 has just plead guilty to reduced misdemeanor charges & it turns out that in the wonderful world of hazing, sneaking a cookie is the equivalent of a…

July 14, 2011

Dr. Phillips HS Hazing Update: Three Attackers Not Guilty

Is the “hazing code” at work here? Apparently the judge in this case found the three alleged attackers in this case not guilty, but not because he didn’t think freshman Darrion Denson wasn’t attacked, but because no one else could–or would–identify the actually assailants.

June 24, 2011

BadJocks Update: Trial Starts for Dr. Phillips High School #Football #Hazing

You know, when this incident first happened last year, it was hard for us to tell if this was a real case of hazing, or just a family looking to make some money because their son got pushed around in the locker room. As you may recall, one of the first things the parents of the victim did was hold a press conference . . . quite an unusual move…

June 23, 2011