Florida A&M Band Members Charged for Hazing Incident. No, Not That One, the Other One

When we first saw the headline we thought,”Hey, they finally charged someone in the Florida A& M band for the death of that drum major a couple of weeks ago.” Nope. These charges are for a different hazing incident that ended with a broken leg after a female band member was beaten with fists AND a metal ruler to initiate her into something called the “Red Dawg Order.” Welcome to…

December 13, 2011

Florida A&M University’s Board of Trustees Reprimands School’s President Over Hazing Death

A clear signal has been sent to all university officials everywhere: get hazing under control on your campus or face the consequences. We won’t go into great detail on the incident that cost the life of a drum major on the Florida A&M marching band, but needless to say there had been a long tradition at the school. Could the president of the university, James Ammons, done more to prevent…

December 12, 2011

Another New Hazing Technique: The “Wet Biscuit” – Andover High School

“Just don’t talk about anything and we can fix this.” “You guys look we can fix this, we just need everyone’s help.” If there’s anything worse than high school sports hazings, it’s high school jocks trying to cover their tracks and derail an investigation into what happened. Above are Facebook comments from members of a team accusing of a really disgusting new  hazing technique. Details aren’t real clear, but apparently…

December 2, 2011

HS “Power Gobbling” Update: Restraining Order Issued Against Alleged Attacker

Thanksgiving is over, but the “power gobbling” continues. You remember this new hazing “technique” don’t you? If not, here’s the earlier story. So, here’s the latest on this spreading scandal from the Great Falls Tribune: Alex Mauricio Botina-Roehm, 18, faces a felony charge of sexual intercourse without consent as well as two misdemeanor charges of sexual assault after allegedly picking up two underclassmen football players by the crotch while in…

December 1, 2011

“Power Gobbling” Hazing Update: Outside Investigator Hired to Look Into Great Falls High’s Lack of Action

Last week we introduced you to a new hazing fad, “power gobbling” which resulted in Great Falls High School offensive lineman Alex Botina-Roehm, 18, being charged with rape and two counts of sexual assault. The question we had at the time was: If this happened in September, why wasn’t Botina-Roehm charged until November? Turns out, one of the victims DID report it to school officials when it happened, but then…

November 21, 2011

Add “Power Gobbling” to List of Hazing Stunts That Will Get You Arrested – Great Falls High School

mug shot
November 16, 2011

You have to give it to kids today: while they love the classics (see yesterday’s Penis in the Pizza Box story) but they also get creative and come up with new ways to haze their teammates. Today we’ll introduce you to “Power Gobbling.” Power Gobbling involves–of course–two people: the “offender” and the “victim” usually while both are changing in the locker room. According to Great Falls, Montana police, the offender…


HS Coach Who Reported “Wipe My Ass” #Hazing Incident Claims He Was Unjustly Fired – Patrick Cornelius

Nearly empty roll of toilet paper
November 1, 2011

Patrick Cornelius is (was) the assistant football coach at Milford High School (MA) until just over a week ago when school officials claim he overreacted to some locker room “roughhousing” according to School Superintendent Robert “See No Evil” Tremblay. Cornelius admits to yelling profanity, throwing a a book of plays to the ground and knocking over a couple of trash barrels, but insists he did not touch or harm any…


Clover High Hazing Update: School Boots 10 Players From Team in Wake of Allegations

The football team’s tradition of hazing has been allegedly going on for several years, but it only took the administration at Clover High School (SC) a few days to decide that 10 players involved in a recent incident would be permanently kicked off the team. Thirteen players were already suspended from the squad and missed last Friday’s game against Gaffney which Clover lost 55-3. As reported earlier here, upperclassmen on…

October 11, 2011