Alleged Hazing Incident on College Women’s Lacrosse Team Cost Coach Job – Lauren Paul

Former F&W women's lacrosse coach Lauren Paul
April 23, 2012

Details are scarce on this one, but one fact stands out: Lauren Paul helped lead the Franklin & Marshall College (Lancaster, PA) women’s lacrosse team to an NCAA Division III National Championship and now she’s out of a job. The cause? An alleged hazing incident last year, that involved as many as 11 upperclassman players on the team who are now all off the squad, but reportedly still in school….


Update on the Story of Hazed Hockey Player Akim Aliu

Long time readers of BadJocks will remember the story of hockey player Akim Aliu, who fought back when junior hockey teammates tried to haze him back on 2007.  This story is for every one out there who tries to claim that there are never any negative consequences to someone who refuses to “play along” when someone attempts to do some “team bonding.” You can read the longer version of Aliu’s…

April 9, 2012

High School Football Coaches Who Hosted “Hazing Party” Won’t Be Back Next Year – Walled Lake Western High

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April 4, 2012

Hazing in high school sports is common enough without coaches getting involved. At Walled Lake Western High School in Michigan both head coach Bill Brenner,  and an assistant, will not be back next season after the district uncovered evidence of a hazing incident at a team party held last fall.  Here’s more from the Daily Tribune: Initial reports indicated that a player was tied to a pole and struck with…


High School Wrestlers Suspended for “Rite of Passage” That Includes Eating Cat Food

Oh. So, according to the father of one of the wrestlers involved in this incident at Troy High School (CA) what happened when nine boys were forced to stand in a circle outside a cabin back in January at 2:30 am was NOT hazing. They were new members of the team, they did have their hands bound with plastic wrap, were forced to eat cat food and stand in a…

March 11, 2012

Two Michigan High School Football Players Arrested Over Alleged Hazing Incident – Madison High School

Just down the road from the BadJocks Bunker is the sleepy town of Adrian, Michigan where not much happens. Usually. This week though, we’ve seen not one, but two members of the Madison High School football team arrested as a result of an investigation into hazing incidents last summer during football practice. Sources tell us the incidents came to light after an inadvertent Facebook posting gave away more details than…

March 7, 2012

Parents Complain About High School Basketball Players Riding Bus Naked – Prairie High School

We could be wrong about this, but we’re pretty sure that if you’re a high school basketball player, you shouldn’t be riding the bus home from a game naked. That’s seems like it should be an obvious thing, but apparently the coaches and staff at Prairie High School in Cottonwood, Idaho didn’t get the memo. A mob of parents showed up at the latest school board meeting to hear details…

February 26, 2012

#Hazing Incident at Grant High Turned Over to Cops Sex Crime Unit – “G-ing” Investigated

Nothing really new here with the hazing incident on the JV basketball team at Grant High School (Portland, Oregon) that we haven’t seen a million times before: younger players on a team being held down, shorts removed and either a finger–or other object–inserted into their anus as part of initiation process. Well, maybe a couple of new things. First, this practice is allegedly so common among GHS sports teams that…

February 2, 2012

Even More HS #Hazing: #Wrestlers at Iowa School Allegedly Sodomized by Jump Rope Handle – Nodaway Valley High School

Close up of jump rope handle
January 17, 2012

Does this seem to be getting worse instead of better to you? We’ve been doing this site for nearly 12 years now and the spat of high school sports hazings over the past few weeks seems even greater than normal. Although “normal” wasn’t really ever that “great” . . . especially if you are a high school jock who missed practice. This latest incident comes from Nodaway Valley High School…