Broom Handle Hazing Alleged on HS Baseball Team – Ardmore, OK

broom handle
February 23, 2015

Details are still sketchy, but it sounds like another classic case of foreign objects being shoved where they don’t belong in the locker room under the name of “team bonding.” Police is Ardmore, Oklahoma are investigating accusations that members of the Ardmore High School baseball team allegedly sexually assaulted a teammate with a broom handle last week. Here’s more from News 9: While the buses drove around with signs that…


Football Players From Kingston High School (NC) Arrested for BB Gun Hazing Incident

Kingston High School football players arrested for BB gun hazing
February 10, 2015

It’s all fun and games until someone forces you into a car and shoots you in the arm with a BB gun numerous times! Okay, so a couple of things odd about this alleged hazing incident at  Kinston High School in North Carolina. First, it involved four members of the football team, but it is obviously not football season. Second, the victim, Preston Burris, is 18-years-old, so probably a senior…


Three HS Football Players Face Sodomy Charges After Locker Room Hazing Incident – Principia School

missouri- hazing-mug-shots
February 2, 2015

The NFL season might be over, but the high school sports hazing season never ends. The latest example: three football players from Principia School in Missouri, two of whom face at least four charges of sodomy and the third seven charges of assault. The most striking line from this story from Fox 2? “Police say in court documents that two of the teens held down four victims and stuck something their…


Central Michigan U Hockey Club Suspended for Five Years, Given “Death Penalty” Over Hazing

And now, Central Michigan University, just up the road from the BadJocks Bunker is getting serious about sports hazing. Just a few weeks ago we had the SUNY Geneseo adminstration handing out the death penalty to the women’s volleyball team. Now, CMU has suspended the school’s “club” hockey team (not an official NCAA team) for five years after an off-campus hazing party. The most interesting part of the story is…

October 1, 2012

HS Football Coach Fired After Hazing Incident That Involved “Butt Cheeks Hanging Out”

Have we heard of worse high school hazing incidents? Of course. Should a coach always be fired when an hazing incident is uncovered on their team? No. It depends on whether it can be proven the coach knew and/or condoned the behavior and if there is reason to believe they could have prevented it. This most recent hazing incident involves Scott Pearne, the now former head football coach at Jurupa Valley…

August 27, 2012

Division II College Suspends Men’s Soccer Program Over Hazing Incident

Ever heard of Humbolt State University? Neither had we, until this report came out from Soccer America about them cancelling the entire 2012 season after an alleged hazing incident involving some heavy drinking came to light. Division II Humboldt State suspended its men’s program for the 2012 as a result of a hazing ritual at an off-campus party where new players were ordered to perform humiliating acts and engage in…

August 24, 2012

New High School Girls Soccer Hazing Photos Emerge – Joliet West High School

It’s been nearly six years since BadJocks first stunned the sports world with photos from the Northwestern Women’s Soccer Team show players being hazed wearing blindfolds, with their hands behind their backs. Parents and educators were shocked, investigations were launched and now, in 2012, we can report progress: the same crap is now being done at the high school level. At Joliet West High School, not far from Northwestern’s Evanston,…

May 7, 2012

BadJocks Update: Fired Lacrosse Coach @ Franklin & Marshall College Considers Legal Action

Last week we reported on Lauren Paul, the women’s lacrosse coach at Franklin & Marshall College (PA) who was dismissed from the team last week over an alleged hazing incident. Reports are now coming out that both Paul, and some of the 11 players kicked off the team, are hiring lawyers to fight back. Oh, and the few players that were left on the team decided to just end the…

May 1, 2012