Gym Teacher, 36, Accused of Inappropriate Contact in Classroom With Two Underage Boys – Kimberly Lake Smith

Gym teacher Kimberly Lake Smith
May 18, 2012

It’s been a little while since we had a lady gym teacher on this page. Say hello to Kimberly Lake Smith, generic viagra hospital 36, viagra a former teacher at Galeton High School (PA) who apparently has a long history of inappropriate contact with male students . . . at least that’s according to a criminal complaint filed by Galeton Borough Police Chief Christopher Brackman. In addition to the current…


Lady Gym Teacher/Coach Caught Having Sex in Office Bathroom by AD – Lauren Redfern

Mug shot of gym teacher Lauren Redfern
February 17, 2012

It’s not often that coaches or gym teachers are actually caught in the act when they have inappropriate relationships with underage students. Usually it starts with gossip among students and faculty, cialis usa cialis parents noticing something out of the ordinary or a spurned girlfriend or boyfriend. But this time we do mean “caught in the act.” This time we have Basalt High School  (CO) gym teacher and girl’s basketball…


#Granny Upset With #GymTeacher Who Made Boys Hold Up Weights for Misbehaving in School

Let’s be clear on this: the kids were not struck with weights or even forces to do excessive weight training exercises with them. All these misbehaving boys had to do was HOLD a 10 lb weight for one minute per year of their ages–6 & 8. And now their grandmother–who we’re sure is very strict with them at home–is upset with the gym teacher who doled out the punishment because…

May 31, 2011