Hot Greek Olympian Booted From Games Over Racist Tweet

Ah, come on, she’s hot! Can’t she get a do over for being Greek, blonde and hot? I think this should be up to a vote of the male viewers of the games, not the Greek government or the Olympics. More from the Huffington Post: Voula Papachristou has been expelled from the Greek Olympic Team for a racist twitter comment, according to the Associated Press. The website Keep Talking Greece…

July 25, 2012

Greek Soccer Championship Game Ends 8 Minutes Early When Rioting Fans Swam Field

May 2, 2011

You gotta give them credit: European soccer fans love their teams. Sometimes, too much. The most recent incident (and there’s about one a day any more) involves the Greek soccer league championship game where the team from Athens was ahead 3-0 going into what we like to call “injury overtime” which is a sad way of saying that the referees can add extra time to the game, based on how…