Trio Rent Golf Carts, then Wreck Them to . . . Make YouTube Video?

Jackson, cialis generic patient Michigan is not far from the BadJocks Bunker. In fact, viagra usa for sale we’ve driven by the Cascades Golf Course in the past, search so we know right were it is. Not much happens here, so it was surprising when a reader sent us this story. Our only disappointment is that it appears that none of the carts ended up in the water, as one…

June 7, 2012

Guy Steals Old Lady’s #GolfCart From One Country Club, Drives to Another Course and Smashes Into Other Golf Carts

Sounds like the dictionary definition of a “joy ride.” Yes, cialis buy treatment the old lady had her precious $1900 clubs, sildenafil stuff $180 bag, and $40 in cash in the cart, but it sounds like the accused, Masanobu E. Massiah, wanted nothing more than to drive around in a small electric cart and then crash into other small electric vehicles. In all, he only caused about $1600 worth of…

June 3, 2011

Golf Cart Catches Fire, Man Burns Hand Retrieving, uh . . . Golf Clubs. Yeah, That’s It, His Golf Clubs

February 23, 2011

Okay, viagra canada shop so there’s nothing funny AT ALL about a guy burning his hand–even moderately–after the golf cart he was driving catches fire. Okay, it would have been a little funny if he burned it grabbing for his beer instead of his golf clubs, but if you have ever wondered what an electric golf cart would look like after catching fire, you have to check out the full…