Errant Golf Balls Could Spark . . . an International Incident?

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June 23, 2015

Anyone who has ever played golf knows that an errant golf ball can be dangerous. But dangerous enough to spark an international incident? Apparently, site that’s the case in Caracas, Venezuela, where the Swiss ambassador has gotten tired of having tee shots from the nearby Caracas Country Club land in his residence (which is technically Swiss territory). So, he did what any diplomat would do: he posted a sign warning…


Four “Poachers” Arrested Outside Philly Golf Course With 8000 Balls

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April 24, 2012

Most golf courses have water hazards of some kind: rivers, streams and lakes. And usually they are deep enough to hide golf balls. Sometimes local kids spend evenings and weekend mornings up to their knees (or deeper) finding these lost white balls and, shop maybe, resell them for a buck or two. Then there are these four guys from Michigan who got all the way to a course outside Philadelphia–Aronimink…


Man Finds #Golf Clubs in Dumpster, Uses Highway as Driving Range

It all make sense when you think about it: You find a nice bag of golf clubs and balls in a dumpster and you want to try them out, but you don’t have money to go to the driving range (you are dumpster-diving after all). So what’s the next best way to test out your new set of sticks? Start hitting balls over trucks on the highway, of course!

July 28, 2011