Female Coach/Teacher Arrested for Sex At Hotel With Boy, 17, – Erin Queen

Mug shot of coach/teacher Erin Queen
March 19, 2012

Not a lot of details about this story. Just another example of seemingly intelligent young women who are throwing their careers away for sex with underage males. Don’t think this has reached epidemic proportions? Check out the list of Female Teacher Sex Scandals at our sister site, The DumbAss Daily.  There’s at least one case like this a week these days, buy and sometimes close to ONE A DAY. Is…


Another Grade School B-Ball Coach Attacked: This Time Player’s Father Knocks Him Out

Shelly Miller mug shot
March 14, 2012

Earlier this week, a winning coach on a 6th grade basketball team had part of his ear bitten off by the losing coach following a game. Now we have the father of a 5th to 8th grader at St. Stanislaus School in Michigan City, Indiana punching and beating his daughter’s coach until he was unconscious. Why? The father, Shelly S. Miller, 37, walked into practice about 3 pm to pick…


HS Basketball Coach Accused of Pulling Down Female Player’s Pants – West Harrison High School

Nothing new about coaches playing practical jokes on players. And, anymore, it seems like coaches and faculty at the high school level are getting chummier all the time. But that still doesn’t excuse girls basketball coach/principal Mike Loftin at West Harrison High School who pulled the warm-up pants off of one of his players. Usually the players have their game shorts underneath. But not this time, which is unfortunate for…

February 7, 2012