Video: Stupid German Hooligan Throwing Garbage Can At Riot Police Hits Own Mate Instead

March 23, 2015

Ah, soccer hooligans! Are there any better/worse sports fans in the entire world? Here’s the latest example of their stupidity. From the YouTube description: East German hooligans messing around with riot police after a low level 4th league match. One of the guys thought it might be a good idea to throw a garbage can at the police officers but well it didn’t went out like that and he hit…


#German Women’s Soccer Team Poses for #Playboy to Show They’re Not “Butch”

“With these photos, we want to disprove the cliché that all female footballers are butch, ” Germany midfielder Kristina Gessat told the magazine. Mission Accomplished! Link goes to story which has mildly Not Safe For Work Playboy cover pic, which then links to other pics from the magazine that are even a little more Not Safe For Work. You already clicked, didn’t you? Between this photo spread and Dirk leading…

June 16, 2011