Reasons to Go Fishing In Costa Rica

November 5, 2015

Taking time to find the right ways to alleviate the stress that you have in your life should be a top priority. There are so many different things that can go wrong with too much stress in your life. There are a variety of different activities out there and finding the right ones will require a good bit of research. Among the most beneficial and stress free activities out there…


Video: Best Fishing Video Ever?

Fishing’s a sport, tadalafil viagra right? I mean, mind there are those Bass Masters who do it professionally, recipe and lots of people enjoy it as recreation. If you fish, I’ll bet nothing like this has happened to you at your local pond. Contains some Not Safe For Work language.

July 12, 2012

Washington Man, 54, Arrested for #Fishing . . . #Naked?

Having fished once or twice, viagra usa medicine these would appear to be a bad idea. First: where would you put your fishing license? Second, and most importantly, as bad as a fishing hook to the hand is, one in the “man parts” would be much, much worse.  Dean H. Meginniss of Spokane, Washington was just out there in all his glory as others (including a man with his young…

August 15, 2011