Painful Sports Video: Cheerleader Mocking Mascot Goes Down Hard!

Angry fan attacks mascot mocking cheerleaders
March 15, 2011

Let’s face it…  Individually, no one really cares about angry fans, mascots, or cheerleaders…  But combine the three and you have a recipe for something ridiculous. The Ooks Lizard, who appears to have made his own outfit from stuff he found at a thrift store, decided to mess with the opposing cheer squad during their routine before a college basketball game in Lethbridge, Canada.  He made one fan angry enough…


Three Men Approach HS Cheerleaders Outside Competition Hall, Offer Them Money to Take Uniforms Off

Man who asked high school cheerleaders to take off uniforms for money
March 7, 2011

Why pay for porn when you can just walk up to real high school girls and ask them to take their clothes off for money? That might work in the movies (okay, not even in the movies) but in real life, the young ladies involved are more likely to run and tell the cops, which is what they did in Delaware over the weekend. Police are now looking for the…


Upset With Referee’s Call Field Hockey Fans in India Pelt Visiting Players With Bottles and . . . Slippers?

bunny slipper like those thrown at field hockey players in India
February 24, 2011

We know what big field hockey fans most BadJocks readers are (duh!) so it comes as no surprise to most of you how fired up fans get while watching guys in skirts run around a field slapping at a small ball (What, only the girls wear skirts in field hockey? Sorry about that). Anyway, the fans at the hockey stadium in Morhabadi, India were not pleased with a call made…