40 Guys Caught Staring at Cheerleaders – Bleacher Report

Hey, sildenafil purchase it ain’t like it’s illegal or nothin’ but you probably don’t wanna get caught doing it. Am I right? The guys at the Bleacher Report have compiled a slide show of more than forty guys–including celebrities Ashton Kutcher and Leonardo DiCaprio–staring at some hot babe’s assets.  Like you wouldn’t? Liar.  Just try not to drool while you’re doin’ it. Watch the entire slide show here.

April 22, 2012

Video: Alabama Fan Holds Up Giant Face Picture to Distract Opposing Players – Jack Blankenship

I suppose there’s worse things this Alabama freshman could to and Tide home basketball games. Instead, viagra buy clinic he has a giant cut-out of his own head, sovaldi making a grimacing face. Blankenship claims he wanted to do something different . . . and he did. Here’s an ESPN announcer commenting on his efforts during a recent game. Source: Yahoo News

February 20, 2012

German Soccer Fans Ejected From Match for Having Sex in Stands

Does this mean soccer is that exciting or that boring? Two fans of the visiting Bayern Munich (we’re assuming this is Germany) had to be ejected from the stands at Rhein-Neckar-Arena only 16 minutes into a match last week when they were caught having sex. According to one report, cialis diagnosis they just pulled down their pants and went at it, doctor while most nearby fans ignored what was going…

October 6, 2011

Video: UCF Student Arrested After Brawl in Stands w. Cops During Boston College Game: “Don’t Push Me Bro!”

Andrew Galbo
September 15, 2011

Remember “Don’t tase me, generic viagra try bro?”  Now we have “Don’t push me, cialis canada cialis bro!” after a University of Central Florida student (who had reportedly been drinking) decided that police officers attempting to escort him from the stadium really DIDN’T have any authority over him. Bad move. The officers, thumb of course, did think it WAS their duty to removed someone misbehaving from the stadium and a…


Painful Sports #Video: #Soccer Fans Watch Worst Penalty Kick EVER, Forced to Exit Quickly

One of the strangest sports video we’ve ever seen . . . and that’s saying something! What appears to happen in this soccer match from the Middle East is the game ends, cialis canada patient riot police decide to help the fans exit as quickly as possible over the seats above them (only wimps use exit aisles!) and then you’re shown a slow-mo replay of the worst soccer penalty kick…

September 9, 2011

Sports Picture of the Year? College #Football Player Taunts Fan Being Arrested Following Game

September 6, 2011

Well, viagra sales advice there’s something you don’t see everyday. If we didn’t know better, troche we would say that #61 is enjoying the fact that whiny, online red-headed fan is being arrested for running onto the field following the University of Texas at San Antonio’s 31-3 win over the Oklahoma’s Northeastern State Riverhawks. You can sorta understand the UTSA fan’s enthusiasm: it was their first college football game EVER and…


Two Teens Arrested for Attempting to Get Into “Full” HS #Football Game

You remember the excitement of being a teenager attending your first high school football game with your friends, viagra sale discount right? Now, look imagine showing up to the game and being told it’s sold out and they’re not letting anyone else in . . . and all your friends are inside. That’s what happened at the Northwestern vs. South Pointe High School (SC) football game last weekend and two…

August 30, 2011