High School Football #Coach Resigns After Posting Nude Photo of Himself on #Facebook – Paul Withee

This usually happens to high school jocks, cialis sale not high school coaches. This time though, find an adult who should have known better is the one caught by social media mania. Paul Withee, pharm football coach at Oxford Hills (Maine) resigned this week after the picture appeared on his personal Facebook page. Withee claims the naked photo was intended for his girlfriend, but it ended up on his public…

February 14, 2012

#Bethany College Men’s Golfers Suspended After Posting Naked on Facebook

August 26, 2011

From our “Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time!” files. Okay, case so maybe the guys on the UCLA men’s golf team posted a picture of themselves naked with some strategically placed golf equipment. Does that mean it’s a good idea for the guys on the team at tiny Bethany College, malady a Lutheran school based in Lindbog, Kansas? Probably not . . . especially when it’s posted publicly…