4 #OregonState U Football Players Arrested for “Unlawful Amplified Minors”

4 freshmen Oregon State Football players decided to party Saturday night & invited 36 other underaged people.  Kool-Aid must have been out of stock at the grocery store because they decided to serve alcohol to all.  The “dumbass” part of the story really kicks in when the boys decided not to answer the police’s numerous knocks, doorbell rings & phone calls.  Only after a search warrant was issued, did they…

August 18, 2011

Media Idiots Jump on LA Newscaster Who Broke Story of #Laker’s #AndrewBynum Parking in Two Handicapped Spots

Is this the worst thing an NBA player has ever done? Hell, it’s not even the worst thing that an LA Laker has ever done! But still, in this day and age, it IS worth reporting when a highly paid professional athlete parks in a handicapper spot or two. But then to jump on the reporter? Why? According to someone at Larry Brown Sports they “ . . . don’t…

July 20, 2011

WTF? #ESPN Suspends Bruce Feldman for Helping Write #MikeLeach Book – #freebruce

We’ll let other tell the story better than we can, but apparently ESPN has suspended one of it’s writers after a book came out by former Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach that was critical of college football analyst and pretty boy Craig James. That’s AFTER ESPN game Feldman permission to write the book! Read our friend Brooks’ article then join the #freebruce campaign on Twitter.

July 15, 2011

Man Arrested for Saggy Pants on Airplane Flight Was U of #NewMexico Football Player – #DeshonMarman

You know, it seems simple: someone tells you to pull your damn pants up in a public place, you pull your damn pants up. Especially when they tell you that your exposed ass is going to get kicked off an plane unless you comply. Then again, maybe it is best to stand up to “the man” and then spend several months in jail explaining to the rapists and murders how…

June 17, 2011

Former College Golfer Arrested for Trying to Meet Up With Mother/Daughter Combo for Sex

Giwon Suh mug shot
May 11, 2011

Former University of Central Florida golfer Giwon Suh knew he should have stayed home as soon as he saw the police approach him at the spot where he was supposed to meet a mother/daughter combo for sex, repeating over and over, “Why would I do this?” and “I am stupid.” Suh, a citizen of South Korea, got sucked into one of the newest online sex stings: cops place Craiglist ad…