Video: Devils and Rangers Start Game With Fights – March 19, 2012

And the NHL wonders why it can’t attract a wider audience. Look, you can argue that fighting is part of the sport until you’re blue in the face, but only a limited audience really want to see this kind of activity on a regular basis. You fight in basketball, you get ejected. You fight in baseball, you get ejected. You fight in football, you get ejected. You fight in hockey,…

March 21, 2012

HS Football Star Expelled for #Twitter Posts, Could Lose Scholarship Offers – Yuri Wright

Tweets from Yuri Wright's Twitter account
January 23, 2012

Like many young people, Yuri Wright has a Twitter account where he shares his thoughts each day in 140 characters or less. He even has it set to private. But it’s not private, really, when your friends (1600 followers at one point) share those tweets with the rest of the world. Especially the allegedly sexually graphic¬† and racist ones. (NSFW examples below) Now, Yuri, a top high school cornerback prospect…


Video: Drunks End Up on Maverick’s Bench During Pistons Game

Things must be so bad in Detroit these days that even the security guards at the Palace are phoning it in.¬† How did these two guys, who appear to be dressed to arrange a drug deal later, end up on the Dallas Maverick’s bench between Vince Carter and Delonte West? Talk about your court-side seats!

January 11, 2012

UK Soccer Streaker Banned for Three Years After Incident in Front of Kids

Best to pick you streaking venues wisely, young man. It’s one thing to get drunk and run out in front of a crowd of other adults at a pro game, quite another to to chose a game being played by teenagers in front a stands filled with school kids on a field trip. Yeah, that’s world class stupid. And also why Craig Knight, 20, of Goldstone Villas, Hove, (United Kingdom)…

January 6, 2012

Boys Expelled, Could Face Charges for Creating Facebook Page Threatening HS Coach, Wife

Social media can be a good thing when it brings people together for a worthy cause. This is not one of those cases. This time we have a couple of teenaged boys at Vermilion High School (Ohio) who were unhappy because–wait for it–they didn’t get team T-shirts from coach & AD Ben Ohlemacher at the end of the year. So they created a Facebook page where they not only threatened…

December 7, 2011