Former Pitt Lineman So Drunk, Cops Have to Taser Him Four Times – Fernando Diaz

March 3, 2011

Not since the infamous Carl Eller “garage” incident back in 2008 has it taken so much electricity to bring down a single human being. According to police reports Fernando Diaz, best viagra for sale a redshirt freshman lineman for the Panthers who was trying to work his way back on the team, case had to be Tasered a record-tying four times before he would comply.  Oakland, malady CA officers say…


Man Claims to Be MMA Fighter, Calls Cops After He Beats Up Pregnant Girlfriend

Mixed martial arts fighter arrested for beating up pregnant girlfriend
February 28, 2011

UPDATE: Our MMA fighter has been identified at his arraignment as Matthew James Williams, viagra generic see III, generic cialis sales 28. We also have a classic T-shirt in his mug shot which reads “Let It Be.” The Beatles would be so proud. EARLIER: There is so much fail in this story, it’s had to believe that it really happened to one guy, in one night. But it did, just…