Tiger Woods Dating 7-Year-Old?

Alyse Lahti Johnston
March 21, 2011

Yes, viagra sales advice that’s what I thought when I read a story yesterday when the news first broke and I said out loud, cialis canada “He really has struck rock bottom.” So, of course, I started writing a post raking arguably the World’s Greatest Golfer over the coals for getting it on with a REALLY underage girl, when I actually started reading the article about his new girlfriend. First…


Utah Football Player Arrested for DUI, Caught Driving Wrong Way on Freeway – Nai Fatu

Utah Fotu's mug shot for DUI arrest
March 1, 2011

Early Sunday morning, tadalafil check (it’s always ‘early Sunday morning’, diagnosis isn’t it?), University of Utah linebacker Nai Fatu was parked in his Ford Explorer facing the wrong way on S.R. 201, when one of those pesky State Troopers shows up. The police had been getting calls about a car going the wrong way on I-80. (Scenes from Trains, Plains, and Automobiles are running through my head right now). As…


Miguel Cabrera is Latest Player in Theme of the Week; Shameful Arrest, DUI, and ‘DO You Know Me’ Card

February 23, 2011

EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes, best viagra patient I know Cabrera got arrested last week for DUI, best viagra ask but it was my fault that Benjamin Bradley’s article about him did not get published, so here you go. Better late than never, right? I am new at the sports writing game. Is it always like this? Should we change the phrase, ‘A few bad apples’, to, ‘Half of y’all’? Seriously, I…


Raiders RB Bush Arrested for DWI; Learning From Other’s Mistakes Still Eludes Sports World

EDITOR’S NOTE: Another post from one of our new guest contributors: Benjamin Bradley. There’s a link to his personal website below. If you want to contact Benny, cialis generic malady his email address is: benbradley@badjocks.com Yet another successful football player who can afford a limo, generic cialis a driver, a taxi, or at least 20 bucks to a sober friend to drive him home, for cryin out loud, is arrested…

February 14, 2011

NASCAR Driver Suspended for Blowing .32% BAC – Michael Annett

February 14, 2011

Leave it to NASCAR driver to have four times the legal limit of booze in his system AND still be trying text and drive at the same time. We’re talking about Michael Annett, generic cialis there who was picked up last week in North Carolina and has now been suspended by the racing league. Annett’s BAC doesn’t get him the “pole position” in the World Famous BadJocks BAC Rankings, but…