Dance Team Suspended for Hazing at Florida A&M!

Regular readers of this site will remember the name Florida A&M: less than a year ago a member of the marching band died as a result of hazing incident on a bus and since then the program and school have been thrown into a firestorm of controversy . . . mostly because there had been a series of similar incidents over the years and the administration had done little, sildenafil…

September 6, 2012

College Dance Team Apologizes For, But Also Defends, Use of Straitjackets in Performance

Robert Morris Dance Team in straitjacket costumes
March 17, 2011

And they said we were crazy for posting this story! (Cue the hate emails from people with real mental illness or their family members.) Usually we report on incidents with high school or college dance teams when their uniforms are too tight or their “lap dance” inspired routine offends some parents. This time though, buy viagra order we have a bunch of young women who thought it would be a…