Video: Incredible Catch in Cricket Match

We don’t know anything about cricket, best cialis cialis but this is still a bad ass barehanded catch. Here’s more from the YouTube description: Talismanic English all-rounder Andrew Flintoff has shown he’s still got it by taking a quite stunning caught and bowled in his comeback match in club cricket

June 4, 2014

Couple Fined for Sex on #Cricket Pitch, Victims Who Witnessed it Earn $25

Andy Newman and his girlfriend Kerri Cooper would not be the first drunken couple to attempt to have sex on the grass of an athletic field. They are probably also no the first to do it in broad daylight. But when you choice of venues is a cricket pitch in the United Kingdom surrounded by homes, generic cialis order you should expect that the local rent-a-cops will show up and…

September 26, 2011

Indian Cricket League Cheerleader Kicked Off Squad for Blogging

Mumbai Indian cheerleaders
May 10, 2011

First off: professional cricket has cheerleaders?  Well, cialis prostate I guess they have to do something to try and keep the spectators awake for those day long snooze-fests. But back to the story. Gabriella Pasqualotto, viagra buy illness 28, medicine (pictured at right in the center, we think) from South Africa is part of the cheer squad for the–we’re not making this up–Mumbai Indians. Apparently she was brought in to…