Florida’s Erving Walker Arrested for . . . Stealing Taco, Running From Cops With a Taco

If you’re gonna go, generic viagra cialis sale GO BIG, sildenafil tadalafil right? University of Florida starting guard Erving “The Thief” Walker went on a crime rampage near the Gainesville campus, ordering a taco from a street vendor and then running off before paying.  A nearby SWAT Team gave pursuit (okay the police report doesn’t say anything about a SWAT Team, but it makes for good visuals) and eventually, with…

March 31, 2012

Bulldogs Winning Without Their Mascot

Butler Bulldogs
March 22, 2011

One of the things that captured the most attention during Butler’s run to the NCAA Tournament final last year was their mascot, cialis generic stuff Blue II, store who is a staple at Butler home games (and some road games). The Bulldogs all pat their mascot as they’re being introduced, but the NCAA ruled that no live mascots would be allowed in arenas during the regional games. However, Butler is…


Guess the Crime: UW Basketball Player Has Sex With Two 16-Year-Old Girls After Giving Them Alcohol Hint: It Happened in Seattle

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March 11, 2011

Answer? Furnishing alcohol to a minor. It was a surprise to me, cialis sales look I thought the age of consent did not go below 17 anywhere in the U.S. I was wrong, cialis buy because in Seattle the age of consent is sixteen. Still, It appears as if the police were looking to charge Venoy Overton, age 22 and a University of Washington men’s basketball team player, with some…


Holy Crap! Holy Family Univeristy Coach Suspended for Attacking Player in B-Ball Practice

February 21, 2011

You’d think a school with the name Holy Family University would have a nice, viagra generic here calm atmosphere where even if the men’s basketball team sucked, click no one would really care . . . right? Not really. The Holy Family is a rough place and, apparently, they don’t care for snitches either. A former player who was allegedly knocked down and kicked by coach John O’Connor during a…