Video: Worst Cheap Shot in Baseball Ever?

Ever?  That covers a lot of ground, but we’ve certainly never seen anything like it. Have you? There appears to be a base hit, a player runs to second and then there’s a disturbance near first base. As everyone runs over there to pretend to fight, someone comes running in from the outfight to lay some smack down. (21 seconds into the clip) Anyone know more about who these teams…

April 9, 2012

College Coach Suspended for Slipping Girl the Tongue

April 12, 2011

Sometimes you need a pat on the back or maybe even a hug to get you thru the hard times.  But where is that line of going too far?  Paine College baseball coach Pete Cardenas apparently thinks that his magical tongue will make a girl feel better, and according to a 22 yo student (not under-aged for once!), that is taking it too far. Her complaint states that Cardenas “forced…