Girl’s HS Golf Coach Arrested for DUI While Driving Team to Match – Susie Steinbeck

Coach Susie Steinbeck - mug shot
May 13, 2011

Wouldn’t it be just great to get a text from your teenaged daughter, viagra buy ampoule a member of the high school golf team, pharmacy that the van she was riding was swerving all over the road on the way to a match and that she told you that she loved you “just in case” something happened? Especially at 7:19 in the morning? Wouldn’t that just make your day? Yeah,…


Shock Video: Coach Pulls Swimmer Out of Pool by Her Hair!

Video still: Coach grabs swimmer by hair to pull her out of pool
May 6, 2011

There are some people in this world that you just do not want to piss off & we can now add volunteer high school coach Geoff Capell to that list.  Despite being in front of a huge crowd of people at a swim meet, cialis sales patient many of whom were videotaping, buy viagra remedy Capell let anger get the better of him as he decided to pull the captain…


College Coach Suspended for Slipping Girl the Tongue

April 12, 2011

Sometimes you need a pat on the back or maybe even a hug to get you thru the hard times.  But where is that line of going too far?  Paine College baseball coach Pete Cardenas apparently thinks that his magical tongue will make a girl feel better, buy viagra tadalafil and according to a 22 yo student (not under-aged for once!), viagra sale remedy that is taking it too far….


HS Football Coach/Father – Son Duo Arrested in Drug Investigation

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March 15, 2011

Playing catch with your son is a common pass time for many fathers.  For a man that is not only a high school football coach but also the athletic director, cialis sale pharm this could even be mandatory but sometimes bonding requires more than just a pig skin.  So true for David Coates who spent quality time with his son, viagra canada viagra sale Joseph, peddling marijuana, LSD & ecstasy….


Yahoo Sports: Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel Knew About Players Selling Gear Last April

March 8, 2011

Remember that whole hubbub at the end of the last college football season about Ohio State Football players selling memorabilia given to them by the university to collectors to make a little cash on the side? And rather than keep the Buckeyes out of their big bucks bowl game, cialis sales purchase the NCAA decided to suspend the players–including starting quarterback Terrelle Pryor–at the beginning of NEXT season as punishment?…


Former Hall of Fame HS Footbal Coach, 64, Accused of Stalking Girl, 16

Coach Ronald Vitticore mug shot
March 3, 2011

We cover a lot of strange stuff here at BadJocks and sometimes throw out things even we can’t make sense of.  The arrest in Florida of a retired NY state high school football coach set us back for a moment. Here’s a guy who was elected to the state’s Hall of Fame for his coaching ability, cialis buy view and now he ends up in Florida, cialis generic levitra allegedly…


Just 4 Players Brawling, 1 Coach Stripping to his Knickers and Screaming, That’s All

February 22, 2011

What is it? Why, viagra sale ailment it’s Hockey, check of course! Hockey is already an entertaining sport, but then you have fights breaking out, fans banging on the glass, and coaches taking off their clothes and throwing them piece by piece onto the ice while screaming at the top of their lungs. Well, not that last one so much. Last Friday night, though, Colorado Eagles assistant coach Greg Pankiewicz…


Holy Crap! Holy Family Univeristy Coach Suspended for Attacking Player in B-Ball Practice

February 21, 2011

You’d think a school with the name Holy Family University would have a nice, viagra generic here calm atmosphere where even if the men’s basketball team sucked, click no one would really care . . . right? Not really. The Holy Family is a rough place and, apparently, they don’t care for snitches either. A former player who was allegedly knocked down and kicked by coach John O’Connor during a…