Arkansas’ Bobby Petrino Suspended After Motorcycle Accident With “Girlfriend” – Jessica Dorrell

Jessica Dorrell
April 9, 2012

For those of your who missed it last week, viagra generic cialis Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino got into a little bit of an accident on his motorcycle. At first, case we read this story and thought “Dumbass!” and left it at that. Then came word that he had a young woman on the motorcycle with him at the time, but had kind of fudged that fact when he…


Drunk High School Basketball Coach Arrested on St. Patty’s Day for Kicking in Door of House That Wasn’t His Mom’s

A lot of people drink alcohol. And people who like to drink, cialis canada store tend to drink even more on St. Patrick’s Day. And, cialis sale medical not surprisingly, viagra some of the people who drink a little too much on St. Patrick’s Day are high school basketball coaches. What is surprising, is that someone hired to be the head coach at Elyria Catholic High School (OH) would get…

March 23, 2012

Losing Coach Arrested for Biting Ear of Winning Coach of . . . 6th Grade Basketball Team?

Mug shot of ear biting coach Timothy Lee Forbes
March 13, 2012

Can you hear me now? Probably not if you’re the winning CYO coach of a 6th grade basketball team in Springfield, generic viagra malady MA. (For those of you not familiar with the acronym, tadalafil buy cialis CYO stands for Catholic Youth Organization and for parts of the country where there is a large Catholic population, view they run the sports programs at the grade schools. So yes, the biter…


High School Football #Coach Resigns After Posting Nude Photo of Himself on #Facebook – Paul Withee

This usually happens to high school jocks, discount viagra cialis sale not high school coaches. This time though, tadalafil find an adult who should have known better is the one caught by social media mania. Paul Withee, pharm football coach at Oxford Hills (Maine) resigned this week after the picture appeared on his personal Facebook page. Withee claims the naked photo was intended for his girlfriend, but it ended up…

February 14, 2012

Former College Volleyball Coach Arrested for Allegedly Taking Upskirt Videos at Mall

John Puncel mug shot photo
February 3, 2012

John Puncel worked for a year as the assistant women’s volleyball coach at Pasadena City College (CA) and likely used video to help his players improve their play. That’s NOT the kind of video he had on his cell phone while at the Glendale Galleria mall this week. Cops noted suspicious activity as Puncel followed a young woman in a skirt up the escalator with cell phone in hand. By…


Girls HS #Basketball Coach Accused of Assaulting Player . . . During Game!

Nothing happened to the coach during the game, cialis sale sovaldi but afterwards, viagra usa the player involved decided to press charges. Here’s more from InsideNova: A student swore out an assault warrant against a Gar-Field High School girls basketball coach after an incident at a game, court documents state.  Donald Gallitz is the varsity girls’ basketball coach at Gar-Field, as well as a television teacher at Forest Park, according…

January 30, 2012

HS Football Coach Accused of Giving Players Password to Porn Site to “Create Camaraderie”

Really? Is that what brings young men together these days? Access to a porn website? Okay, viagra sale decease maybe that’s a stupid question, hospital but it still doesn’t explain why an assistant high school football coach would think that it was a good idea. You might want to ask Mike Pickering, 40, the former assistant at Staples High School (Connecticut) who now faces charges of three counts of risk…

November 18, 2011

Syracuse Assistant B-Ball Coach Put on Administrative Leave After Molestation Accusations – Bernie Fine

Now that the Penn State scandal is out there, generic cialis cialis are we going to be seeing more of these? Or is this just a coincidence?  On Thursday, discount cialis Syracuse University placed long time associate head basketball coach Bernie Fine on administrative leave after a former ball boy accused him of years of sexual abuse. ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” interviewed Bobby Davis, now 39, who once lived in…

November 18, 2011

Penn State “Sex Scandal” Leads to Two Resignations; Incidents Involve Former D-Coordinator Jerry Sandusky

Things are not so happy in Happy Valley. Here’s the story as we understand it: Jerry Sandusky was the defensive coordinator for the Penn State football team until he resigned 1999 but continued to use the school’s facilities for his work (apparently a not uncommon practice within universities) with a foundation he established to help at-risk kids called The Second Mile. There were allegedly several incidents involving Sandusky and underage…

November 7, 2011

Cheerleading Coach Accused of Running Prostitution Ring Out of Her Day Spa – Terry Mussari

She’s kind of like a super hero with a secret identity, viagra usa physician isn’t she? In the evenings and on weekends, cure Terry Mussari, 45, coaches on the “C” level cheering squad, (girls 10- and 11-year-old) for Stoughton Youth Athletic Club(MA) and during the day she runs a spa. Well, it’s actually more than just a spa, if you believe the police reports. According to cops, Ms. Mussari also…

October 31, 2011

HS Coach Accused of Recruiting Boy, 16, From Mexico to Play Basketball, Forces Kid to Sell Gourmet Popcorn Instead

Cesar Landin, viagra generic sale 16, wanted to come to the United States to play on a select high school basketball team. In fact, his parents were so desperate to get the boy this opportunity that they reportedly paid Theodore Berry, an assistant basketball coach at Lewisville High School (Texas), $300 a month to make it happen. But instead of playing b-ball, Landin was forced to sell gourmet popcorn. Yes,…

October 24, 2011