Video: Bowling Green University Men’s Basketball Coach Filmed Touching Woman at Bar – Chris Jans

Video: Bowling Green University Men’s Basketball Coach Filmed Touching Woman at Bar – Chris Jans
April 3, 2015

Looks like Bowling Green University will be needing a new men’s basketball coach. Here’s more on the incident from the Daily Mail: Bowling Green basketball coach Chris Jans has been fired for acting inappropriately during a drunken night out at a local bar.  The university took action after damning footage emerged of the coach touching an unidentified woman’s behind on March 21.  The married father-of-two was also accused of grabbing…


Girls HS Basketball Coach Loses Game, Gets All Bitey

martin mug shot
February 5, 2015

Hey coach! Maybe You’re not yourself when you’re hungry. Have a Snickers . . . or maybe just nibble on someone’s face. Apparently yelling at, and/or punching someone else is not enough to let coaches express their emotions these days. Now, it seems, it’s all about the biting. A couple of weeks ago we read a story about a high school hockey coach, after losing 9-1, who allegedly attacked and bit…


ESPN’s OTL: Video Shows Rutgers B-Ball Coach Physically & Verbally Assaulting Players at Practice

UPDATE: Rutgers finally fired coach Rice yesterday. But what new evidence was there yesterday that they didn’t have back in December when they only suspended him a few games?  Should athletic director Tim Pernetti be next? EARLIER: Shades of Bobby Knight? Of course, college coaching is a tough, high pressure job and at times you’d have to be a saint NOT to curse at, or want to punch one of your…

April 3, 2013

Naked Soccer Coach Caught in Girl’s Bedroom by Her Dad, Arrested for “Robbery by Sudden Snatching”

November 5, 2012

No, seriously.  Former girls soccer coach Patrick Ahern, 27, of Dacula, GA  was charged with “robbery by sudden snatching,” after the father of a 16-year-old girl came home to find him naked and “getting physical” with her.  In an attempt to gather evidence, the quick-thinking father grabbed his daughter’s cell phone and attempted to take a picture of the nude Ahern as he fled. Unfortunately for dad, Ahern grabbed the phone…


Wyoming Football Coach Suspended, Fined for F-Bomb Laden Rant That Included “Howdy Doody” & “Fly Boy” References

As some of you might already know, the University of Wyoming lost to the Air Force Academy on October 13 by the score of 28-27 after throwing away a 10 point lead at half time.  Coaches hate to lose, especially by one point, but the Cowboys’ coach, Dave Christensen, took things a step further and decided to vent his frustration–post game–in a profanity-laden tirade against rival coach Troy Calhoun. Apparently Christensen thought Air…

October 24, 2012

Caught on Video: Youth Football Coach Caught Punching Referee

Great local video here of the incident involving a youth football coach in Florida (players appear to be about 9 or 10-years-old) who, after a game was suspended because of foul language, decided to punch one of the referees as he left the field.  If you watch the video below, you can clearly see assistant “coach” Dion Robinson, 43, sucker punch referee Andrew Keigans as he is attempting to leave the field….

October 18, 2012

Video: Does Youth Football Coach Knock Down Football Player or Was It an Accident?

A youth football coach in Utah was arrested this week after police claim he intentionally stepped onto the field and stepped in front of a seventh grade football player, knocking the kid out cold and giving him a season-ending concussion.  For his part,  Nathan Harris, the assistant coach for the Mapleton City’s team claims the kid ran into him as he was going out-of-bounds, but a video of the incident (below)…

October 11, 2012

Man Who Coached Team of 10-Year-Olds Accused of Stalking Rival

mug shot Robert Sanfilippo
September 24, 2012

Yes, you read that right: the coach of a youth baseball team made up of 10 and 11-year-olds got into a dispute with a rival coach back in May and then started stalking and harassing him. Robert Sanfilippo, 45, was actually arrested DURING a baseball game on Friday after police say he anonymously sent threatening text messages and photograph. Ironically, Sanfilippo coaches a team called the Long Island Vengeance. Apparently the New…


Cheerleading Coach Allegedly Assaults Cops After Boyfriend Tries to Break Up With Her – Elizabeth Hadley Appenzeller

Ladies: This is why guys will break up you using a text. They want to avoid these kinds of situations. Here’s the basics, according to police: the boyfriend of Elizabeth Hadley Appenzeller, the cheerleading coach at Coastal Carolina University, went to her house over the weekend to pick up some of his belongings after the couple broke up. At some point Appenzeller jumped in the bed of his pick-up truck…

September 12, 2012