Catholic HS Cheerleading Squad Manager Accused of Embezzling 18K From Girls

December 16, 2011

It’s been a while since we had a youth sports embezzler on our site. This time it’s the manager for the cheerleading squad at St. Pius High School (NM) who was somehow able to slide $18, viagra canada health 000 into her business account before anyone noticed. The real question isn’t how D’Andrea Davis got away with it over the past 10 years (account friends of mine say that oversight…


#NFL #Cheerleaders in Halloween Costumes

NFL Cheerleader as Cat Woman
November 1, 2011

Finally! NFL cheerleaders wearing something sexy for a change, viagra sale look instead of their usual dowdy uniforms.  Maybe every week should be Halloween in the NFL? At right, I think she’s supposed to be Cat Woman. Does it really matter though?


High School #Cheerleaders Told Skirts Are Too Short, Must Cover Up at School – Piedmont Hills High School

San Jose Piedmont Hight School cheerleaders in short skirts
September 14, 2011

It’s that time of year again folks! Like clockwork, buy cialis cialis we can almost predict the stories this time of year: usually mid-to-late August we have a rash of drunken college football player arrests (just back to an empty campus and bored); early September brings accusations of hazing by high school football teams (fingers, see broom handles, pine cones); and then that’s usually followed by a story about how…