High School #Cheerleaders Told Skirts Are Too Short, Must Cover Up at School – Piedmont Hills High School

San Jose Piedmont Hight School cheerleaders in short skirts
September 14, 2011

It’s that time of year again folks! Like clockwork, we can almost predict the stories this time of year: usually mid-to-late August we have a rash of drunken college football player arrests (just back to an empty campus and bored); early September brings accusations of hazing by high school football teams (fingers, broom handles, pine cones); and then that’s usually followed by a story about how a principal somewhere is…


Ten Cops Need to Break Up Brawl Involving Young #Cheerleader, “Mouthy” Coach

Not a lot of details, but a pretty funny local news report about another youth football brawl in Florida. This time in St. Petersburg where it was the ladies who got into it. Last time a player tackled a referee. According to police, five females–including one adult–were arrested following the game at JC Turner Field between the Silver Raiders and a team from Carrollwood. Those arrested included a mother, her…

September 7, 2011

#Jets Owner’s Daughter Shoot, Distribute 2011 #Cheerleader Calendar

Jets Cheerleader Calendar preview
August 26, 2011

From USA Today: Here’s a preview of the New York Jets’ 2012 “Flight Crew” Cheerleader Swimsuit calendar.  Owner Woody Johnson’s daughters created this year’s calendar.  His daughter Daisy Johnson shot the photos while sister Jaime served as art director. It’s selling for $18 at jetsshop.com, says spokesman Jesse Derris.


Colorado #Cheerleading Coach Puts HS Girls, Boys in Same Hotel Room

Okay, so the hotel ran out of rooms because there was a big cheerleading camp in town, but it would seem like you could come up with a better solution than putting teen-aged boys and girls in the same room. Somehow, we’re pretty sure the boys didn’t complain about the arrangement. Unfortunately, once the kids got home and told their parents what happened, a few concerned adults did have a…

July 31, 2011

HS #Yearbook Controversy Erupts Over #Cheerleaders “Short Shorts” – River City High School

Someone on the yearbook staff at River City High School (CA) REALLY doesn’t like the school’s cheerleaders or the short skirts they wear in class on game days. According to an article (that has since been covered with new paste on pages) called “Who Wears Short Shorts” it claims the squad was “dolled up in micromini(sic) uniforms” while “strolling down halls” with “blatant disregard” for the “school dress code.” Cat…

June 2, 2011

#Naughty #Cheerleader: Former #Falcons Cheerleader Linked to “Chop Shop” Operation – Kori Lanard

Former Falcons cheerleader Lori Lanard
May 31, 2011

We’re not sure why you arrest someone because their dating a guy who steals cars, chops them up and resells the parts, but the cops in Georgia apparently have their reasons. And we’re not saying it has anything to do with making a hot female prison inmates movie, but it sure looks that way. Let’s see if they arrest a fallen beauty queen next.