Topless Alabama “Cheerleader” Cruises Burbon Street Wearing Bear Bryant Hat

Topless Alabama "cheerleader" wearing Bear Bryant hat during BCS championship game
January 11, 2012

How did we miss this during Monday’s National Championship game between Alabama and LSU? I would have thought ESPN would have been all over this on their 10 hour pre-game show or 24 hours of non-stop post game coverage. But no, they had to talk about the damn game. They completely missed a topless woman walking around the French Quarter in New Orleans with an Alabama cheerleader uniform painted on…


Video: Why American Football is Annoying – Cheerleader Edition

Someone is obviously unhappy with the NFL and it’s buxom cheerleaders. And cranky. And probably not comfortable around women. His main points: Cheerleaders in American football games serve no actual purpose, tend not to distract fans from the action on the field, rub their pompons together in an annoying fashion. Genius.

December 31, 2011

Bengals Cheerleader/High School Teacher Quits Job After Allegations of Affair With Male Student – Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones Bengals Cheerleader
December 27, 2011

First off, all we have so far are rumors. Rumors that a high school teacher, who also happens to be a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals, had an inappropriate relationship with a male student. The fact that Sarah Jones has resigned her job at Dixie Heights High School (Kentucky) might imply something is up, but Jones DOES have a a history of suing websites that make inaccurate allegations against her….


Cheerleader Charged With Threatening Football Player After Hazing-Style Incident w. Freshman Teammate

Okay, so this one is kinda confusing, but let’s see if we can follow along, okay? Ty McGrath plays football for Sandwich High School (MA) and a few weeks ago allegedly kicked a freshman player, “prodded” him with a broom (whatever that means) and then force-fed him a brownie. The incident reportedly came to the attention of John J. Amaral who is NOT a member of the football team but…

December 16, 2011

Video: Pyschotic Mom at LHSAA Cheerleading Championships

Some parents support their children’s athletic efforts and some parents REALLY support their kid’s athletic efforts. This lady REALLY wants to support her cheerleading daughter. This appears to have taken place at the Louisiana High School Athletic Association Cheerleading Championships this week in Lake Charles. “More swagger!” Original video shot by HogAlleyHogs.  Here’s some explanation from the YouTube posting: Here’s some video I shot at the 2011 LHSAA Cheer &…

December 8, 2011

HS Cheerleading Coach: I Was Fired for Working at Hooters! – Nicole Zivich

Hooters girl serving beer, wings, good times
December 2, 2011

So, was Nicole Zivich let go as the cheer coach at Estero High School (FLA) because of “philosophical differences” as the principal claims, or was it because she has a part time job. At Hooters. And not working in the kitchen. According to published reports, Zivich, 24, and presumable hot, has not be told specifically why she was let go as the coach of the cheerleading squad, but she–and others–think…


Sexiest NFL Cheerleader Costumes Ever – Bleacher Report

NFL Cheerleader dressed as sexy Sherlock Holmes
October 21, 2011

Think the outfits that NFL cheerleaders already wear are sexy? Wait until you see what the ladies have been wearing on the field in the past few years for Halloween weekend (coming up this Sunday in case you lost your calendar). Do you have a favorite? Click here to start the slide show at The Bleacher Report.


Hot #Cheerleading Coach/Teacher Accused of Sex With Three High School Boys – Michelle Preston

Michelle Preston mug shot
September 27, 2011

This case has taken a LONG time to play out, but that’s because the accused, high school psychology teacher, and cheerleading coach, Michelle Preston has been in the hospital recovering from injuries sustained in a one car accident in March of this year. That accident just happened to coincide with Shawnee Mission West High School (Kansas) putting her on administrative leave while they investigated claims that she was having inappropriate…