UPDATED: Nine Ogden Utah High School Cheerleaders Suspended After Hazing Incident

Ogden High School Mascot
May 15, 2012

UPDATE: Suspended Ogden Cheerleader Talks to Local TV Station – And basically talks out of both sides of her mouth. On one hand, she says the whole “getting blindfolded and pelted with condiments in the park thing” is way overblown. The victims knew–or should have known–what they were getting into. On the other hand, according to suspended senior cheerleader Hailey Lawrence, she actually thought the whole hazing thing was a…


NFL Cheerleader Tryouts: The 100 Hottest Photos – Bleacher Report

You gotta give credit to the guys at The Bleacher Report: they come up with some great ideas for stories. Forget just covering the boring, but visually interesting, tryouts for NFL cheerleading squads! Let’s just go right to the pictures. Yes, we’re jealous. Click here to see the slideshow of the NFL Cheerleader Tryouts: 100 Hottest Photos.  You may need a cold beverage to keep you cool while you do.

May 1, 2012

40 Guys Caught Staring at Cheerleaders – Bleacher Report

Hey, it ain’t like it’s illegal or nothin’ but you probably don’t wanna get caught doing it. Am I right? The guys at the Bleacher Report have compiled a slide show of more than forty guys–including celebrities Ashton Kutcher and Leonardo DiCaprio–staring at some hot babe’s assets.  Like you wouldn’t? Liar.  Just try not to drool while you’re doin’ it. Watch the entire slide show here.

April 22, 2012

Bengals Cheerleader Sarah Jones Indicted by Grand Jury for Sex With High School Boy

Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones mug shot picture
March 30, 2012

You remember NFL cheerleader Sarah Jones, don’t you? Several years ago she sued the website TheDirty.com for allegedly printing a story that she had sex with some of the Cincinnati players and either got or gave them an STD. She won a huge judgement as I recall, but not sure if she ever collected. (At right, Sarah Jones mug shot picture, and, below, in happier days as a hot NFL…


NFL’s Oldest Cheerleader Reveals Bengals Squad Biggest Rift: Real Boobs vs. Fake Boobs

It’s an age-old question that has even infiltrated the confines of the usually cerebral NFL cheerleading culture. Which are better: real boobs or fake boobs? Laura Vikmanis, the league’s oldest cheerleader, has written a book about her experiences on the Ben-Gals squad and reveals that there was somewhat of a “cleavage” among the girls about this important issue: “The most prominent division on the Ben-Gals is not between the young…

March 20, 2012

Hard Hitting Journalism: The 10 Best Cheerleader Bloopers in NFL History

From the guys at The Bleacher Report. They never tire of doing the tough stories none of the rest of us want to touch. Like the 10 Best Cheerleader Bloopers in NFL History. Not just from last season, but in the entire history of the NFL. They must have looked at hours and hours of footage over weeks. But if they hadn’t we wouldn’t have this report, would we?

February 24, 2012

High School Cheerleader, Boyfriend, Among Those Arrested at Basketball Game – Lorain High School

Many times in life, you get the option to just walk away from an incident. This is one of those times and the Lorain High (Ohio) cheerleader should have walked away . . . but she didn’t. In the end, security guards and cops with attack dogs got involved and three people went to jail. Was it worth it? It all started at halftime of a boy’s basketball game versus…

February 16, 2012

CNBC Selects the Ten Best #NFL #Cheerleading Squads

Yes, CNBC, the cable channel and website dedicated to business issues. And, occasionally stories about the porn industry. But ranking NFL cheerleaders? We’re sure they did this scientifically, but shouldn’t that kind of in-depth reporting be left to sites like DeadSpin.com? Here is CNBC’s complete list: 1. New England Patriots 2. Dallas Cowboys 3. Miami Dolphins 4. Houston Texans 5. Denver Broncos 6. Philadelphia Eagles 7. New York Jets 8….

January 24, 2012