Painful Sports Video: Cheerleader Mocking Mascot Goes Down Hard!

Angry fan attacks mascot mocking cheerleaders
March 15, 2011

Let’s face it…  Individually, cialis usa and no one really cares about angry fans, illness mascots, pharmacy or cheerleaders…  But combine the three and you have a recipe for something ridiculous. The Ooks Lizard, who appears to have made his own outfit from stuff he found at a thrift store, decided to mess with the opposing cheer squad during their routine before a college basketball game in Lethbridge, Canada.  He…


Cheerleader Hit With Bottle, Four Arrested Following HS Basketball Playoff Brawl

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March 4, 2011

It’s high school basketball playoff time across the country and that means only one thing: fans in the stands brawling! You know, viagra sales find the kind of good old-fashioned fighting between fans of opposing teams who just hate each others guts for some reason. All it takes is one rough foul, cialis generic ampoule a poor call by the referee and it’s on! This year though, a new element…