School Creates “Spirit Squad” After HS #Cheerleaders Claim They’re Too Busy to Come to Games

There was a time when high school cheerleaders had one job, and one job only: stand at the sidelines during football and basketball games and cheer. Then competitive cheerleading came along and the girls (and sometimes guys) had to spend more time on their “routines” for competition. Now, apparently, at some schools preparing for those competitive cheerleading events has gotten so time-consuming that the squads can’t–or won’t–be around for the…

August 18, 2011

CNBC: Top 10 #NFL Teams Who Make Most Money From Their #Cheerleaders

CNBC, best known for their in-depth reporting on the porn industry, steps back and takes a closer look at some women who get paid to keep their clothes on . . . the little that they actually wear. How DO NFL teams maximize the return they get for their investment into their cheerleading squads? Well, CNBC will tell you all about it in a slide show. Oh, and of course…

August 15, 2011

Report: #NFL #Cheerleaders Make Make About $7 an Hour, Have Expenses Like a Pop Star

While the NFL owners and players battle over billions, the typical professional football team cheerleader apparently makes about $75 per game for an entire day’s work and incurs thousands of dollar in expenses to stay in shape and look her best. Unless, of course, she can hook up with a player or an owner and then it was all worth it, right?

May 25, 2011

Painful Sports Video: Cheerleader Mocking Mascot Goes Down Hard!

Angry fan attacks mascot mocking cheerleaders
March 15, 2011

Let’s face it…  Individually, no one really cares about angry fans, mascots, or cheerleaders…  But combine the three and you have a recipe for something ridiculous. The Ooks Lizard, who appears to have made his own outfit from stuff he found at a thrift store, decided to mess with the opposing cheer squad during their routine before a college basketball game in Lethbridge, Canada.  He made one fan angry enough…