Mexican Cheerleaders Perform Nazi-Themed Routine at Competition

June 15, 2015

You hear about something like this and you think, viagra buy capsule “Nah, it can’t be what they’re saying it is. Somebody just made a simple mistake, right?” Wrong. You can watch the video for yourself, but someone who does choreography for a cheerleading squad comprised of girls 10-16 in the western Mexican city of Guadalajara, obviously flunked history. Or maybe they just took it in summer school and really didn’t…


Video: Wild Cheerleader Stunts @ Stunt Fest

If this wasn’t so damned impressive from a skill standpoint, viagra sales drugstore it would be hot. Okay, sildenafil it’s still hot. This video was shot at the Ocean Center in Daytona, check FL the day after the NCA College Nationals. It is unofficially called “Stunt Fest”.

October 1, 2013

BleacherReport: 7 Best-Looking Rookie Cheerleaders from Around the NFL

Who gets these assignments to do these stories? And more importantly, cialis sale sales why don’t more of us think stuff like this up? Imagine this poor guy having to pour over hundreds of pictures and videos of the NFL’s newest cheerleaders, viagra canada trying to find the best looking ones.  How hard would that be?  And so continues our love/hate relationship with the guys at the 7 Best-Looking…

July 12, 2012

Grandma, 55, to Try Out to be Dallas Cowboys Cheeleader – Sharon Simmons

Sharon Simmons wants to try out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
March 2, 2012

Okay, viagra generic viagra so we should probably file this under our seldom used “Good Jocks” category. After all, cialis Sharon Simmons, 55, hasn’t done anything wrong. In fact, the Texas grandmother has taken such good care of her body she’s doing something no one even close to her age has done before: auditioning to become an NFL cheerleader. And not just any squad: the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders who are…


Charlotte Bobcats Cheerleader Brittany Kerr Makes it to Next Round of American Idol, Shuts Down Website Servers w. Bikini Pics

American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr in a bikini
January 24, 2012

Looking for bikini pictures of Bobcats cheerleader and American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr? Two days ago the only place to find them was on photographer Jim Merrill’s website and it shut down due to a huge traffic spike after Kerr’s appearance on the popular FOX reality show. Interestingly, viagra canada levitra JLo wasn’t impressed with her performance but Randy and Steven Tyler were . . . for some reason. Below,…


Topless Alabama “Cheerleader” Cruises Burbon Street Wearing Bear Bryant Hat

Topless Alabama "cheerleader" wearing Bear Bryant hat during BCS championship game
January 11, 2012

How did we miss this during Monday’s National Championship game between Alabama and LSU? I would have thought ESPN would have been all over this on their 10 hour pre-game show or 24 hours of non-stop post game coverage. But no, generic cialis medical they had to talk about the damn game. They completely missed a topless woman walking around the French Quarter in New Orleans with an Alabama cheerleader…


Painful Sports Video: Cheerleader Falls Into Pool During Routine

From the NY Daily News: Cheerleader Mariana de Leon made a major splash at the Pan Am Games in Mexico when she fell into a swimming pool while performing a cheerleading routine.  The 21-year-old was among 12 cheerleaders doing a routine to “Lambada” when she lost her footing – and landed in the water. Professional to the end, generic viagra pills her fellow cheerleaders barely missed a beat and kept…

October 19, 2011

Obscene Comments to HS #Cheerleaders Leads to Brawl, Stabbings

We’re not sure what Isaiah Robinson, cialis usa prescription 21, viagra usa said to the girls on the Fowler High School (Syracuse, NY) cheerleading squad, but it was nasty enough to start a brawl with some other guys watching their practice. Now, it’s not surprising that Robinson got beat up a little bit. What IS surprising is that another man involved in the brawl, Emanuel Harper, 26, saw this as…

September 1, 2011

School Creates “Spirit Squad” After HS #Cheerleaders Claim They’re Too Busy to Come to Games

There was a time when high school cheerleaders had one job, cialis sales doctor and one job only: stand at the sidelines during football and basketball games and cheer. Then competitive cheerleading came along and the girls (and sometimes guys) had to spend more time on their “routines” for competition. Now, clinic apparently, at some schools preparing for those competitive cheerleading events has gotten so time-consuming that the squads can’t–or…

August 18, 2011

CNBC: Top 10 #NFL Teams Who Make Most Money From Their #Cheerleaders

CNBC, viagra buy advice cialis best known for their in-depth reporting on the porn industry, best viagra pharm steps back and takes a closer look at some women who get paid to keep their clothes on . . . the little that they actually wear. How DO NFL teams maximize the return they get for their investment into their cheerleading squads? Well, CNBC will tell you all about it in…

August 15, 2011