Female Winner of the GO! St. Louis Marathon Disqualified for Cheating

Kendall Schler - Marathon Cheater
April 17, 2015

There has to be a special place in Hell for these kinds of people, don’t you think? Here you are, training for months, possibly years, to run a marathon and you think you’re winning when suddenly someone else who you’ve never seen the entire race is in front of you and crossing the finish line first. They get the prize money, they get the glory, and they qualify for the…


Reddit: ESPN Draft Analyst for NBA Draft, Chad Ford, Allegedly Doctored Old Draft Boards

Chad Ford changed draft board ESPN
January 26, 2015

One of the jobs that has arisen on modern sports broadcasting is the “draft expert” (like Mel Kiper) who come out of the woodwork for a few months each year to give their analysis of the top players to be drafted by professional teams out of college. In this case, we have a guy named Chad Ford who does mock NBA drafts for ESPN. Only, it seems that someone changed…


YardBarker – Report: NFL tried to catch Patriots in the act

NFL logo
January 25, 2015

And the DeflateGate story just keeps getting better. Just a day after Bill “Read My Lips” Belichick claimed the Patriots followed all NFL rules (we’re surprised he wasn’t struck by lighting) there are reports that the NFL was actually trying to catch New England cheating! Here’s more on the story from YardBarker: Believe it or not, the outrage surrounding Deflategate will eventually fizzle out. And when it does, no one…


UNC Football Player Accused of Plagerized Paper Written by 11-Year-Olds

If you’re going to steal, why not from the best, right? The real question for UNC is whether this is just an isolated incident or a pattern of cheating that Erik Highsmith, an other players, have participated in. Here’s more from the News &¬†Observer: As the spring 2011 semester wound to a close, UNC-Chapel Hill football player Erik Highsmith had nothing to show for the blog students were supposed to…

October 30, 2012

Diplomatic Storm Brews Over Chinese “Girl” Olympian Who Beat Ryan Lochte’s Time

Pardon the pun, but is something fishy going on at the Olympic pool in London? Ye Shiwen is a 16-year-old swimmer for the Peoples Republic of China and won a gold medal this week in 400m individual medley with a time that was better than American Ryan Lochte in the men’s finals. Except, up course. Shiwen is a young woman and she actually swam FASTER the last 50 meters of…

July 31, 2012

Coach/Teacher Accused of Falsifying Player Transcripts

No, it’s not on the same scale as the scandal at Penn State, but it’s a related disease. Someone thinks they’re doing the right thing to protect or help a sports program. Who will ever know, and if it helps a kid improve his life, what’s the big deal? In this case, the big deal is that an assistant football coach/math teacher at Forest Hill High School (FL) was charged…

July 26, 2012