Elementary School Teachers Arrested for Having Sex in Bathroom at Buffalo Bills Game Sunday

Picture of teacher Jennifer Rotella
December 8, 2011

Nothing says “You’re leaving your children in good hands!” like getting caught having sex in the bathroom of an NFL stadium with someone other than your spouse. Two Wilson Central School District (NY) teachers Jennifer Rotella, generic cialis sales 35 (right), cialis usa and Michael France, 38 (Rotella at Stevenson Elementary School and France at Thomas Marks Elementary School) were arrested at Ralph Wilson Stadium Sunday during the Bills/Titans game…


German Soccer Fans Ejected From Match for Having Sex in Stands

Does this mean soccer is that exciting or that boring? Two fans of the visiting Bayern Munich (we’re assuming this is Germany) had to be ejected from the stands at Rhein-Neckar-Arena only 16 minutes into a match last week when they were caught having sex. According to one report, cialis diagnosis they just pulled down their pants and went at it, doctor while most nearby fans ignored what was going…

October 6, 2011

Couple Fined for Sex on #Cricket Pitch, Victims Who Witnessed it Earn $25

Andy Newman and his girlfriend Kerri Cooper would not be the first drunken couple to attempt to have sex on the grass of an athletic field. They are probably also no the first to do it in broad daylight. But when you choice of venues is a cricket pitch in the United Kingdom surrounded by homes, generic cialis order you should expect that the local rent-a-cops will show up and…

September 26, 2011

Alison Peck, Former Band Teacher Arrested for Sex With Boy, Going to Jail for Violating Probation

Teacher Alison Peck
April 4, 2011

It would seem simple enough to most of you, viagra sale doctor wouldn’t it?  You can either go to jail for a long time OR get probation and follow some simple rules (like staying off drugs and registering as a sex offended) to stay a free woman. How hard is that? Apparently for former band director Alison Peck, patient it was too much to handle, diagnosis so a judge is…