Video: Hockey Bench Brawl – Chicago Wolves vs Rockford IceHogs 3/17/2013

There’s 13 seconds left in this minor league hockey game and, well, things go downhill quickly after the face-off. It  looks like it started when one player was checked into the boards and the door to the bench opened and everyone fell into the opening. About the only person in the arena NOT involved in this brawl is the one fan watching the game.

March 20, 2013

High School Soccer Coach Accused of Hitting Opposing Player During Brawl – Bart Allan

Coach Bart Allan
September 6, 2012

You want your youth coaches to be “hands on” but not to the point that  they are putting their “hands on” a player from the opposing team. Especially when those hands are allegedly closed fists. This case involves a California high school soccer coach, Bart Allen, whose team reportedly got into it with a rival last week and a brawl broke out. Our favorite part of the story is where…


Nick Saban’s Daughter Sued Over Savage Sorority Sister Attack

Here’s the basics, according to the lawsuit filed by former sorority sister Sarah Grimes: Alabama football coach Nick Saban has a daughter, Kristen, who was in the Phi Mu sorority at UA back in 2010. One night at the sorority house the gals were drinking. Went to a bar. More drinking. Saw one of Kristen’s former boyfriends who ignored her. Went back to sorority house where Kristen continued to complain…

July 13, 2012

Video: Minor League Hockey Players Brawl Before Ceremonial Puck Drop

What the puck? These two hate each so much that they can’t even wait for the game to start to begin the brawling. Here’s more from NBC Sports OffTheBench: Two minor league hockey players decided to pull that feat off during a playoff game last week.  The incident occurred before game four of the Continental Hockey League playoff series between the Allen Americans and the Texas Brahmas.  Americans left winger…

April 18, 2012

Video: Yuba City High School Suspends JV Baseball Players After Brawl

For some reason, fighting in baseball games seems to becoming more common this spring, with the latest clash between Yuba City High School’s junior varsity team and Del Campo High. According to ate least one report, the brawl started after the first base coach for Del Campo called YCHS pitcher’s mother an insulting name.  The pitcher retaliated with by throwing a fastball at the taunting coach and then all hell…

April 5, 2012

UK Soccer Brawl Ends in Five Ejections – Video

And, shockingly, with all the punching and kicking going on, no one ended up on the ground clutching a knee. And yet, during a game, a stiff breeze can send a player to the turf in agony. Here’s more from the Daily Mail: Shamed Crawley duo Pablo Mills and Claude Davis have written letters of apology following their roles in a mass brawl after the club’s win at Bradford City…

March 30, 2012

Reports: #LSU Football Players Will or Won’t Meet With Cops Today About Bar #Brawl

Depending on which story you read this morning, the four LSU football players allegedly involved in a nasty bar brawl in Baton Rouge either will or won’t meet with cops today to discuss what happens. In one report, a spokesman for the police department says the meeting will happen today, while another report quotes their recently-hired lawyer, Nathan Fisher, as saying he hasn’t heard they will meet today and that…

August 23, 2011