Man Poses as Bowling Coach at Tallmadge High School to Have Sex With Girl

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February 9, 2015

Wait, what? Yes, we all know how sexy bowling coaches are supposed to be, but this guy really crossed the line! ¬†According to police,Justin K. Jones, 29, went to the local bowling alley where the Tallmadge High School (OH) bowling club practiced and somehow presented himself to members of the team as a coach and gave them advice. Said Tallmadge Lt. Ron Williams, “He fancied himself as a bowling coach.”…


Video: Pro Bowler Fail – Josh Blanchard

Okay, so this actually reminds me of how I look EVERY time I bowl, but still, you gotta think the embarrassment of doing this would be worse than the actual fall itself? And oddly, almost no reaction from the crowd. At least, not that we can hear on the video. Would bowler Josh Blanchard been better off jumping up and yelling “Ta-da!” after he fell like he meant to do…

January 9, 2012