Jury Says Mr. Bulky Lied to Grand Jury About Steroid Use

Barry Bonds with long nose
April 14, 2011

Not really much to add to this other than: 1) Why did it take so long? 2) Does this really surprise anyone? We were telling you the truth back in 2007 and many people were giving us grief back then about slamming the “greatest player in baseball.” Should there be an asterisk next to his record 70 home runs? For that matter, any season totals for Mark McGwire or Sammy…


Barry Bond’s Former Mistress: His Testicles Shrunk After Taking Steroids!

Box of Raisins
March 30, 2011

Talk about . . . Winning! (Apologies to Charlie Sheen.) Forget anything else that has happened or will happen during this long saga of “did Barry Bonds take steroids or not” saga: when his former mistress, Kimberly Bell testified on Tuesday that the former Home Run King’s balls shrunk to the size of raisins, best it was over.  Nothing anyone else can say will top that, or will have the…