Ohio HS Swimming Champ Arrested on Gun, Drug Charges

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April 18, 2011

Less than two months ago, Andrew Bartley, 18, of Firestone High School in Akron, Ohio was on top of the world, winning the Division I 100-yard breast stroke for the second straight year.  Word was that he was going to get a college scholarship to swim and from there, who knows?  Today, Andrew sits in an Ohio jail in what started as a complaint at Firestone that he was trying…


Armed Robbery Apparently Does NOT Meet Auburn U’s High Standard of Conduct for Athletes

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March 14, 2011

Auburn University’s football team must be cursed or they do most of their recruiting from juvenile hall.  Just last Monday, running back Eric Smith was dismissed from the team after being charged w/ 3rd degree domestic violence and today 4 more players have been arrested.  The charges consist of robbery in the 1st degree, burglary in the 1st degree & theft of property in the 1st degree … gold star…


Sports Illustrated Special Report: 7% of College Football Players Have Criminal Records

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March 6, 2011

Well, duh. We could have told you that. Most of YOU could have told Sports Illustrated that an increasing number of college football players on scholarship have criminal records. But, the fact that this vaunted publishing institution actually took the time and did the research (something we have been too lazy to do in 11 years) is great for everyone. Now the debate about whether there are actually more jock…