Man Finds #Golf Clubs in Dumpster, Uses Highway as Driving Range

It all make sense when you think about it: You find a nice bag of golf clubs and balls in a dumpster and you want to try them out, but you don’t have money to go to the driving range (you are dumpster-diving after all). So what’s the next best way to test out your new set of sticks? Start hitting balls over trucks on the highway, of course!

July 28, 2011

#Gamecocks Freshman Linebacker Arrested for Underage Drinking – #USC

Fall football practice hasn’t even started yet, and already South Carolina has players getting arrested.  Under university policy, Edward Muldrow, 18, was immediately suspended from the team for the underage drinking charge. No comment from SC coach Steve “Why Did I Come Out of Retirement for This?” Spurrier.

July 20, 2011

#NFL Players Being Arrested at Record Pace as #Lockout Lingers

As the NFL lockout lingers, the list of arrests grows longer. First, Hines Ward was arrested for DUI, and then the big shocker, Packman Jones was arrested for assault. Now, we have the Bengals’ Cedric Benson arrested on some kind of domestic violence charge, Marvin White (also from Cincinnati) was arrested for some kind of dispute at his child’s daycare center, and Jerry Hughes of the Cowboys (but maybe headed…

July 18, 2011

#WVU Linebacker, Son of Pro #Wrestler, Arrested on Armed Robbery Charge – Branko Busick

Are the #Mountaineers not paying their players enough these days? Apparently, because some rocket scientist named Branko Busick was arrested on armed robbery charges after allegedly pulling a gun on some guy in an apartment complex and demanded money. When the victim said he had none, Busick allegedly hit him with the gun. If the last name sounds familiar, wrestling fans may remember the boy’s father, Big Bully Busick, a…

July 13, 2011

Reds Pitcher Arrested for Shoplifting $59 Worth of Stuff, Makes $425K a Year

Reds Mike Leake mug shot
April 19, 2011

Some things just never make sense.  Like why they insist on making movies out of old TV shows that weren’t really that popular to begin with. And, this case, of Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mike “Five Finger Discount” Leake who was arrested for shoplifting shortly before a game on Monday.  Leake’s big haul? Diamonds? Jewelry? IPads? Nope. He got caught cutting the tags off of six T-shirts at Macy’s with a…