Piling On: Bobby Petrino Gets Animated GIF and Taiwanese TV Treatment

still image from Bobby Petrino re-enactment animated video
April 12, 2012

Let the piling on begin! Former Arkansas football coach Bobby “How ‘Bout a Lift?” Petrino has been fired, buy viagra decease rumors are swirling that there are nude photos of his manhood floating around the Internet, viagra sale physician and his face still looks like an undercooked pepperoni pizza. So, how could things get any worse for the former Razorback? How about if people start re-enacting your infamous motorcycle accident…


Video: Sarah Jones, Troubled Bengals Cheerleader, Gets Taiwanese TV Treatment

April 4, 2012

They did it to Tiger Woods and now the folks at Next Media Animation in Taiwan have re-created the Sarah Jones cheerleader/high school teacher sex scandal story using animation. Wonder what it was like to be a student in Jones’s class? Wonder no more. At left, viagra sale ambulance a still from the video, try showing Jones teaching at the school in her Ben-Gals uniform to a class a cheering…