Nick Saban’s Daughter Sued Over Savage Sorority Sister Attack

Here’s the basics, according to the lawsuit filed by former sorority sister Sarah Grimes: Alabama football coach Nick Saban has a daughter, Kristen, who was in the Phi Mu sorority at UA back in 2010. One night at the sorority house the gals were drinking. Went to a bar. More drinking. Saw one of Kristen’s former boyfriends who ignored her. Went back to sorority house where Kristen continued to complain…

July 13, 2012
Read More >> Alabama Booster Scandal Deepens — Where is the #NCAA or SEC?

Brooks has gone WAY deeper on this one than we could ever hope to get, but if you visit his website, the trail of evidence linking current and past players with a suit-store owning booster who displayed signed ‘Bama memorabilia in his store sure makes you wonder why this isn’t getting more national press.  Is it enough to have coaches and the university claim that nothing improper happened. Isn’t that…

August 16, 2011

#Alabama to #NCAA: We Broke Secondary Rules 44 Times – Sorry!

The #Tide administration is saying their athletic programs (including Nick Saban’s football team) violated what are known as “secondary” (minor) violations more than 40 times from July 1, 2009 through July 1, buy 2011. Among the list of sins are “impermissible transportation, entertainment, meals and lodging during two trips” and a player receiving “impermissible benefits” from an agent and “preferential treatment based on (his) status as a student-athlete.

July 5, 2011

#Alabama #Cheerleading Coach Arrested on Theft Charges – Roll #Tide!

Former University of Alabama cheerleading coach Debbie Greenwell, 55, had filed a lawsuit against the school for allegedly firing her without just cause. Now the UA has fired back by having Greenwell arrested and charged with first-degree theft of property and using her position for personal gain. Something to do with how she handled the money for some kind of cheerleading camp. We’re hearing there’s more to this story ….

July 4, 2011

‘Bama’s Barron Busted for Bullsh*tting Badge

Alabama's Mark Barron mug shot
March 21, 2011

University of Alabama safety Mark “The Genius” Barron was arrested Sunday morning for hindering prosecution, according to Mobile Police. “Hindering prosecution” is another way of saying he was B-S*’ing a badge. It would seem that Barron has a big soft spot for his cousin, who he was taking the fall for. About 5:00 A.M. a vehicle was reported abandoned on I-10 at Michigan Avenue. It had crashed into the retaining…