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High School Coach Sex Scandal Logo

HS Coach Sex Scandal Shocker: For Once, Neighbors Not Shocked

Usually when a coach is arrested for inappropriate relations with a student, the community is “shocked” and has nothing but positive things to say about the alleged perpetrator.  That is not how they roll in Phoenix, where neighbors not only suspected the illegal hanky-panky but also LOVE talking to TV news cameras after the allegations surface. The story goes that 21 year old Julian Titcomb was a volunteer basketball coach…


Former NFL Player Likes ‘Em Young… But Not Too Young

This is the tale of Kevin Garrett, not so much a “Bad Jock” as a jock who is only trying to make the most of what he has been given. His storied career started when he was drafted in the fifth round (172nd overall) by the St. Louis Rams in 2003. He moved to the Houston Texans, then the Carolina Panthers, then Canadian football, and now, apparently, coaching high school…

Ramon Buchanan - Miami Hurricanes linebacker

Hurricane’s Buchanan Spits at Police, Then Yells: “I’m a U.M. Player, and I’ll Get Out of it!”

The old “Do you know who I am” card is out of style now. They don’t even bother to ask anymore. Miami Linebacker Ramon Buchanan has kicked it up a notch. According to Miami police, about 1:30 a.m. Friday, Buchanan did something stupid in a restaurant bathroom to cause a scene and was told to leave. He did not, and police were called. When they arrived, they went to place…


Video: Novak Djokovic Plays Tennis on Airplane Wing

No, really. Novak Djokovic, the #2 men’s tennis player in the world risked his life to swing a new Head tennis racket while standing on the wing of a old airplane.  Of course, he got paid pretty well to do it (our sources say 12 trillion dollars) Not exactly sure what this says about the racket, but we know that Djokovic is nuts.  Still, an entertaining video that we thought…


Soccer Referees Under Attack at Home and Abroad – Painful Sports Video

Athletes these days have no respect for authority. Now we have not one but two different instances of soccer referees being attacked by players. Below is a video from another country and, while I can’t quite make out what the announcer is saying, capsule I believe it is something along the lines of “We have a bit of a disagreement down on the field and the players are unhappy with…

High School Coach Sex Scandal Logo

Mom Calls Cops After School Tells Her it Will Take Months to Investigate Report That a Coach Had Sex With Daughter

So, a “school resource officer” (in-school cop) sees an adult coach escorting an underage high school girl from campus on Valentine’s Day and reports it. Same resource officer takes girl home after she comes back from this little rendezvous and her mother calls the school to find out WTF is going on between her daughter and the coach. School says it will investigate, but it could take several months. What…

Butler Bulldogs

Bulldogs Winning Without Their Mascot

One of the things that captured the most attention during Butler’s run to the NCAA Tournament final last year was their mascot, Blue II, store who is a staple at Butler home games (and some road games). The Bulldogs all pat their mascot as they’re being introduced, but the NCAA ruled that no live mascots would be allowed in arenas during the regional games. However, Butler is still overcoming the…


New BadJocks Sister Site: The Daily Sports Scan

Today we unveil a new site that we hope you will all find useful: The Daily Sports Scan. DSS puts all the headlines from all the top sports sites (as well as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL & NCAA web sites) in one convenient location. We even have headlines from other “minor sports” (not sports with minors) such as tennis, golf, volleyball, rugby, cricket and soccer. If we missed your…

Alabama's Mark Barron mug shot

‘Bama’s Barron Busted for Bullsh*tting Badge

University of Alabama safety Mark “The Genius” Barron was arrested Sunday morning for hindering prosecution, according to Mobile Police. “Hindering prosecution” is another way of saying he was B-S*’ing a badge. It would seem that Barron has a big soft spot for his cousin, who he was taking the fall for. About 5:00 A.M. a vehicle was reported abandoned on I-10 at Michigan Avenue. It had crashed into the retaining…

Alyse Lahti Johnston

Tiger Woods Dating 7-Year-Old?

Yes, advice that’s what I thought when I read a story yesterday when the news first broke and I said out loud, “He really has struck rock bottom.” So, of course, I started writing a post raking arguably the World’s Greatest Golfer over the coals for getting it on with a REALLY underage girl, when I actually started reading the article about his new girlfriend. First off, in her picture…

National Football League logo

If an NFL Player Craps in the Woods, and There’ No Collective Bargaining Agreement, Does It Make a Sound?

Without realizing it, Dallas Cowboys’ defensive back Bryan McCann may have fired the first shot in a new professional football players strike. First off though, McCann has already changed the rules about getting arrested for public intoxication. Instead of playing the “Do you know who I am?” card with the cops or getting tasered trying to drunkenly run away, McCann came out of the incident wrapping himself in the American…


March Madness/Drunk Food Madness – Ranking All 68 Teams

There are any number of ways to rank teams participating in this year’s NCAA Men’s Championship Basketball Tournament. But how come no one ever thought to rank the teams by the most popular food purchased by drunk students at 2 am? It took the geniuses as EndlessSimmer.com to figure out not only the most popular drunk foods on all 68 campuses, but then they also went and ranked them. One…