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Video: Really, Andy Benoit? There’s Nothing in Women’s Sports Worth Watching? – Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler

In case you missed it, Andy Benoit, an NFL analyst for Sports Illustrated, tweeted this week that there was “Nothing in women’s sports worth watching.” The hilarious video response for Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler from “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” Really?


Gonzalo Jara ‘Banned’ for Rest of the 2015 Copa America After He ‘Inserted Finger Into Edinson Cavani’s Anus’

Haven’t these guys learned yet that there are cameras EVERYWHERE these days and they’re less and less likely to get away with this sh*t? Apparently not. Oh, and then the guys does one of the worst soccer flops we’ve ever seen to top things off. More on the story from The Independent: Chile defender Gonzalo Jara has been banned for the rest of the Copa America after he “inserted a…


Video: Knicks Fans Lose Their Sh*t When Team Drafts Kristaps Porzingis In NBA Draft

For some odd reason, I don’t think they’re happy with that pick. Here’s more from the YouTube description: Tonight, the New York Knicks picked Kristaps Porzingis number 4 overall in the NBA draft. Once the picked was announced in the Barclays center, New York Knicks fans lost their shit and started booing him and the Knicks organization. Just look at the utter disgust that this fan displays as he puts…


Video: Is Cycle Ball the World’s Strangest Sport or What?

Have you ever heard of Cycle Ball before? We hadn’t until we saw this video and we still don’t believe it exists. According to Wikipedia, Cycle ball, discount also known as “radball” (from German), is a sport similar to football played on bicycles. The two people on each team ride a fixed gear bicycle with no brakes or freewheel. The ball is controlled by the bike and the head, except…


“Sun” Mascot for Scottish Soccer Team is Possibly World’s Ugliest

You can add soccer mascots to the list of things that will give children nightmares (like clowns and, well, more clowns) after the Patrick Thistle soccer team in Scotland unveiled a new character this week called Kingsley that looks like something out of a bad cartoon. Some have compared Kingsley (right) to a badly drawn Lisa Simpson (I can see that) or a demonic sun with dead eyes. Either way,…

drunk golf video still

Errant Golf Balls Could Spark . . . an International Incident?

Anyone who has ever played golf knows that an errant golf ball can be dangerous. But dangerous enough to spark an international incident? Apparently, site that’s the case in Caracas, Venezuela, where the Swiss ambassador has gotten tired of having tee shots from the nearby Caracas Country Club land in his residence (which is technically Swiss territory). So, he did what any diplomat would do: he posted a sign warning…


HS Coach/Math Teacher, 37, Marries Girl, 18, He’s Accused of Having Inappropriate Relationship With – Matthew Shane Wester

Things just got interesting in Blount County, Alabama where District Attorney Pamela Casey, just found out that they key witness in her case against former teacher Matthew Shane Wester, 37, is now his wife. According to reports, Wester married Amy Nicole Cox, 18, in Gulf Shores over the weekend and now, as his wife cannot be compelled to testify against him in court. At right, pictures of the happy couple….


Video: High School Softball Catcher Gets Away with Leveling Pair of Baserunners

Cheap shot or just gamesmanship?  If Texas high school athletic association (known as University Interscholastic League) wants to be seen as an organization concerned about player safety, they’ll investigate Needville High School catcher Megan Crosby after she was caught on video knocking over not one, but two players coming into home plate during a state championship game. In neither case was there a play at the plate, just Crosby standing…


Not Again? Jack Warner — Indicted Ex-FIFA Official — Cites Article In ‘The Onion’ To Rip U.S.

Normally intelligent people need to stop citing the parody website “The Onion” if they want to get taken seriously in the world. The latest victim? Kack Warner, one of the FIFA officials indicted by the United States on bribery and corruption charges. There’s even a video of it!  Warner now faces 12 charges including accusations of accepting bribes in the process to determine the hosts for the World Cup in…