Who Did Something Stupid Today?

Hot Blond Cheerleader coach accused of having improper relations with male student

NFL fan dressed up as Ray Rice for Halloween complete with a life-size blowup doll that he dragged by the hair – That ain’t right.

In Other NFL Player Bad Behavior News: 49ers Alton Smith Avoids Jail on Weapons Charge, League Suspension Could be Shortened

Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons pukes right before snap – And no, you don’t want to see the animated gif of that.

It’s That Time of Year Again: HS Cheerleaders Are Told Their Skirts are Too Short to be Worn in Classroom on Game Days

Redskins Fan Caught Sneaking Picture Of Cheerleader (Photo – Right)I suppose it’s better than just sitting there drooling and staring. Or maybe not. And he’s not the only perv doing it at NFL games.

NJ State Troopers Called to Restore Order at HS Football Game After Brawl Breaks Out That Ends It Early

BadJocks Update: Minor League Hockey Mascot Then Benched Forever After Stupid Reveal Video

HS Volleyball Coach Allegedly Thinks He’s Arranging for Sex With Underage Girl, Turns Out it Was Really Overweight Cop

Store in Trouble for Selling ‘Bullet-Ridden’ Cheerleader Halloween Outfit – Wait, what?

HS Soccer coaches resign after athletes accused of taunting African foe with . . . Ebola chants? – That;s just stupid.

Some Sayreville High School Hazing Suspects Make Brief Court Appearance – The latest on the NJ HS football hazing case.

NASCAR News: Brad Keselowski fined $50,000, Tony Stewart $25,000 for their parts in pit road and garage confrontations following Saturday night’s Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

From TMZ Sports: NBA Star’s Wife Allegedly Forged Her Husband’s Signature on Secret Loan for $150K – Gloria Govan, who’s married to Matt Barnes (LA Clippers) is accused of the shady deal.

Also from TMZ: Wife of Red Sox Player Latest Victim in Phone Hacking Scandal – Some nude pics of Lindsay Clubine, wife of Clay Buchholtz, are reportedly circulating the Interwebs.

You Can’t Make This Sh!t Up!: Brawl Breaks Out During Serbia vs. Albania Soccer Match After Player Rips Down Flag of Opposing Country That Was Flown in on Drone! - With plastic bench throwing goodness tossed in! Not surprisingly, the match was abandoned once fans started joining in the fun.

Sports World Exploding With Stupidity Today: Cowboys RB Joseph Randle arrested for . . . shoplifting cologne and underwear? – You’d think Jerry Jones would provide that stuff to his players free of charge. At least the underwear part. Sad.

Add this to the list of famous quotes that cost college football coaches their jobs: “Kids sign things all the time! – Jimbo Fisher, Florida State University head coach, October 11, 2014, regarding the Jamies Winston autograph signing allegations.

Minor League Hockey Player Suspended 12 Games for Fighting – Has the season even started yet? Someone obviously needs a time out.

Wisconsin HS Football Streaker Arrested After Game – In a noble gesture, the teen who was wearing only a mask, refused to tell cops who was waiting at the end of his run with this clothes.

NC State punishes 12 football players for BB gun incident

High school trainer, coach in accused of inappropriate texting with students

Tennis Coach Accused Of Having Sex With Student

Nick Saban is NOT going to be happy: 112 grams of marijuana and $4,661 found in Alabama tight end’s dorm room

NJ HS Hazing Update: Parent Reveals “Sexual Nature” of Incident - Yup, just as we expect. Putting index fingers where they don’t belong . . . with a new twist though! And yet, despite these horrific allegations, some football parents still don’t see what the big deal is.

Awww. Air Force captain, home on leave, proposes to cheerleader during NFL game – And now he’ll have a hot wife that millions of men will ogle each Sunday. Welcome home soldier!

Calgary Flames affiliate team apologizes after mascot unveiling goes horribly wrong – Another professional sports team has to aologize for the actions of its mascot. This time, a new “fire” mascot appeared in a video standing over what appeared to be the corpse of a fireman. That’s hilarious! Not.

7 New Jersey High School Football Players Charged In Disturbing Hazing Scandal

Who would have thought one of the most promising NFL careers would be cut short by the simple phrase “I smoked a little weed? – Okay, other than Tommy Chong. Adrian Peterson violates parole, is going to jail folks. Idiot.

Caught on Video: Ankeny, Iowa Cop Wants to Search Man’s Car Because “All Frisbee Golfers Smoke Weed” – Only if they’re playing in Adrian Peterson’s foursome. Video below:

In Other Disc Golf News: Teen Player Throws Frisbee Into Texas Man’s Yard, Gets Shot At – Does this kind of crap ever happen to Tiger Woods?

Forty-two Football (Soccer) Fans Arrested After . . . Singing Anti-Putin Song During Match?

Here’s a question you don’t hear every day: Is this photo of a cheerleader pooping on her teammates in mid-air real?

Drunk Steals Golf Cart From Country Club in Louisiana, Goes on a Joy Ride, Gets Arrested for DWI - At 6:30 in the afternoon?