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Video: Referee Tackled, Texas High School Football Players Intentionally Hit Referee From Behind

Have you seen this video? Two Texas high school football players were caught on video intentionally taking out a referee near the end of a game last weekend. At first, cialis buy cialis sale fans of the team were trying to say it was an accident (before the video came out) and once it was clear that they did it intentionally, generic the players reportedly claim the ref had used…


Video: Ronda Rousey Amateur MMA Debut

Here’s Ronda Rousey at her first mixed martial arts fight. Not much has changed, viagra usa troche has it? From the YouTube description: On August 6, cialis buy sovaldi 2010 Olympian Ronda Rousey made her MMA debut as an amateur for Combat Fight League’s Ground Zero. Her first opponent was Hayden Munoz. Don’t blink and make sure to follow this girl. She’s for real.


Video: Sprinter Usain Bolt Runover by Chinese Cameraman on Segway

What was that cameraman thinking! Apparently, viagra find about getting the shot and not worried about permanently disabling one of the greatest sprinters of all time! The incident happened last week at the at the World Championships in Beijing with Bolt getting a victory in the men’s 200 meters. Later Bolt received a bracelet from the cameraman as a way of saying “Sorry for nearly cutting off your legs. Here…


The Biggest Hits In Rugby History

In rugby, buy cialis malady it is often only the end result that is remembered. The moments of genius from a back, to the hard work of the front row…these are all for nothing in this ultimate of team sports. But if there is one thing that really gets a team – and the crowd – pumped up, and that’s a huge tackle that knocks an opponent flying. A big…

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BadJocks Reader Sounds Off About NCAA

Occasionally, viagra healing we hear from readers who have very strong opinions about what’s going on in sports. This week, viagra canada Quinn Sawyer sent us this about the NCAA: The NCAA is filled with egoistic, over privileged, inconsiderate beings that are hell bent on making the life of any athlete they could get their hands on miserable. They make it seem like we are the cause of their worthless…