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Video: HS Basketball Coach Jerry Devine Head Butts Referee in Neshaminy vs. Pennsbury Game – 01/05/2016

It’s a quick video, buy cialis online but a good one, site as the coach appears to come from the left and just after the referee calls a charging foul, sovaldi he rams his head into the guys face. Of course, he will argue that it wasn’t intentional, but watch the video and decide for yourself.


Video: Australian Fan Pours Beer On Basketball Player Marcus Thornton, Acts Like Nothing Happened!

It’s not just that the guy poured a beer (a perfectly good beer, cialis medical mind you!) on this basketball player as he lay on the court, sovaldi he then pretended like nothing happened. The announcers didn’t even seem to notice it until they saw the replay. G’Day mate, my ass!


Is There a Sure Thing in Fantasy Football Anymore?

Just when you think you’ve got something figured out (like life) you quickly realize that you don’t. That brief moment of clarity can quickly be replaced by even more confusion because you THOUGHT the mystery was solved. Such, cialis sale stuff I believe, is the nature of fantasy football for 2015 . . . and maybe beyond. Nothing, it seems, is an iron bet anymore. Let’s start with Denver Broncos…


Video: The Factory Of Sadness (A Cleveland Browns Fan’s Reaction To Today’s Game Against Houston)

This video was produced more than four years ago, cialis sales capsule but after the Brown’s loss this week to the Ravens on a last second blocked field goal that was returned for a TD, best cialis it seems as appropriate as ever. Be sure to watch it all the way to the end!


Video: Fan Hits Player With Paper Airplane During England Peru Soccer Match

Is this the best paper airplane toss of all time? More from the YouTube Description: Best Paper Plane Throw Ever: Fan Hits Player In The Head With Paper Plane From The Nose Bleed Section! Fan Hits Player In The Head With Paper Plane From The Nose Bleed Section! During England Vs Peru match England v Peru at Wembley tonight. Maybe the best paper plane throw you’ll ever see. England v…


Tech Controversy is Hitting the World of Curling!

Boy, viagra usa click you knew this day was coming . . . as competitive (and popular) the sport of curling is! In the old days it was just three people, discount a big round rock and couple of kitchen brooms . . . and we liked it! Now, look of course, everything has to be “high tech” and that includes curling brooms which are now getting a major makeover….


Heartwarming Sports Video: Retiring soccer player substituted for his 5 year old son in his last game

Not sure who these soccer teams are or where they play, tadalafil site but one of the guys on the blue team is retiring and at the end of the match they took him out and brought in a substitute: his five year old son. What happens next will make you smile!

woman with playing cards

Five Top Female Poker Players

Despite overwhelming male dominance in the professional poker arena, viagra for sale there’s a small select group of star spangled women who are constantly in the money, pharmacy with the younger generation setting and breaking world records with apparent ease. We’ve identified the five top money earners on the pro poker circuit, sick so check out how these babes have bluffed their way to the big time. If, however, you…


Reasons to Go Fishing In Costa Rica

Taking time to find the right ways to alleviate the stress that you have in your life should be a top priority. There are so many different things that can go wrong with too much stress in your life. There are a variety of different activities out there and finding the right ones will require a good bit of research. Among the most beneficial and stress free activities out there…